Girls Season 2 Portland Premiere!

Confession #1: I love the show Girls

Confession #2: I am so Hannah Horvath

Confession #3: Last night, I felt like an awesome rockstar

Now that we got those confessions out of the way (honestly, each point deserves it’s own post. But we will just focus on #3!)

photo (13)

Last night was not only the Golden Globes and the Girls season 2 premiere, but also the HBO Portland premiere of the new Girls season! And I somehow (by seeing the post on the FB page) secured (free) passes for Dannica and I before it sold out!

735584_406878906056381_1586488235_oEven though we didn’t have any clue what to expect from this event, Dannica and I have been so excited! They have been having these premiere parties all across the country, but I felt super cool that we got on the list for the Portland event (obviously because I am Hannah…)

We arrive early and get our HBO wristbands and drink tickets. Already I am in heaven. They have us wait in line outside to get in. It was freezing, but felt very NYC (I know, I’m going way too far with this whole Girls references…)


We get inside and it’s pure, wonderful chaos! We get drinks and food and before you know it, we are watching season 2 episode 1!

photo (10)Just me, one of my best friends, and 118 other Portland fans watching one of my favorite shows on premiere night.

But then the most surprising thing happened… they showed us episode 2! Woah! Now I’m ahead of the game now and the season just started!

photo (15)

(I won’t give anything away, but the first two episodes of this season are AWESOME! So excited to see what happens with Hannah & the gang)

After the screening, Dannica and I took full advantage of everything the event had to offer (hello, it was all FREE!)

We got our tarot cards read, we got henna, we ate more food, drank a little more, listened to an awesome girl band and then got to be a part of an awesome photo shoot. We even took a bunch of these Girls character-themed nail polish…things (I still don’t even know what they are.)

Basically our night totally rocked in the name of Girls!


011313_HBOGirlsPDX_046 copyThink I’m crazy for blabbing over this show? Please check it out!

And if you want to be my friend, you HAVE to at least watch an episode (how is that for a threat?!)


Confession: I am seriously addicted to The Biggest Loser…

Preface: yes… it is embarrassing to admit, but I love reality tv.

Courtesy of NBC

One day I was searching on Netflix for something to watch. And lo and behold, Netflix has ten seasons of the Biggest Loser. Hello new addiction, goodbye countless hours.

I watch this show all the time. When I’m doing my hair before work, getting ready for a run, killing some time before an outing. I have already watched half of the seasons and I’m not even close to being sick of it! Biggest Loser has become my go-to show…

It’s just so good, I can’t stop watching. And I still can’t tell if I should be embarrassed to admit that. 

Courtesy of NBC

Five (wonderful) reasons why I love The Biggest Loser

1. It’s inspirational. I mean, nothing can better television than people trying to change their lives. These morbidly obese contestants join the show so they can become healthier and happier people. They are literally working their asses off (I mean literally! Have you seen those before and after photos?!) Watching people workout of course motivates me to get my ass in the gym. It’s like reality tv is trying to help me…. (Am I justifying my addiction? whatever.)

2. It’s an emotional roller coster. You can ask Steven… one minute I’m sitting there, enjoying the show and the next minute I’m crying my little brown eyes out. This show throws everything at you… backstory, heartbreak, betrayal. And I happily strap myself in for the emotional ups and downs.  It’s addicting reality tv and I love every second of it.

3. Bob Harper rocks. That’s all that needs to be said.

4. It’s educational. Yes, the in-product placement is cheesy and annoying), but there are some great tips to take away from the show. The ones about food and food substitutions have really helped me become healthier. And I’m not going to lie, I have taken some of the exercises they do on the show. It’s like free personal training… kind of.

5. Allison Sweeney has an awesome stylist. Seriously, some of her clothes on the show are to die for. Maybe because she’s always standing next to the contestants in their fluorescent t-shirts and spandex, but I would love a couple seconds in her wardrobe room.  And her job as the host is awesome. I’m envious.

Dear Google, your commercial makes me cry

I have seen this commercial more than 30 times…and I cry like a baby every single time! It just came on and Steven let out a “Oh no…” (for the record, my 31st cry over the Google Chrome commercial was just as intense as the 1st cry)

I just know that I can’t be the only one out their who absolutely loves this commercial.

If you haven’t seen it, grab a tissue and have your parents on speed dial. Trust me, you will need it.

Update: I just showed Kian the commercial. Make that 32 cries now…

I love Mad Men… and why you should love it too

Mad Men. If you have talked to me this past summer, you know that I have fallen in love with the series.

I have become THAT girl that will ask you…

“Oh my god, do you watch Mad Men?” “Don’t you love Don Draper?” “Could I work in advertising?” “How do I dress like Joan?” “Have you been to Banana Republic lately to see the collection?” “Mad Men Mad Men Mad Men blah blah blah”

The love has been sudden and swift, and all thanks to Netflix streaming. Last night Mad Men won the Emmy for best drama series. Not only does it bring some validity to my love of this  show, but it also gives me an excuse to blog about Don & the gang.

Four reasons YOU should love Mad Men…

courtesy of Village Voice

1. Don Draper

He’s dapper and super attractive, a real man’s man in the 1960’s. As the main character, the life of Don (played by John Hamm) is in a constant upheaval which makes for great television. He is a smooth talker and is able to charm you from the screen (don’t even get me started on his many romantic conquests) Don would my perfect guy, if he wasn’t so conniving, didn’t cheat, and hasn’t lied about basically everything…You love him, adore him, and hate him at the same time.

courtesy of Second City Style

2. The setting

1960’s, New York, Advertising Agency. It’s a whole other world, with endless cigarettes and drinks in hand. The production design and script really brings you to the heart of this time period. Themes addressed, include feminism, sexism, and homophobia. It’s real, gritty, and also glamorized.

courtesy of Swing Fashionista

3. The fashion

They certainly knew how to dress in the early 1960’s. Mad Men has sparked a whole new interest in traditional men’s suits, full skirts, and patterns. It’s hard not to love the glamour, sophistication, and sex appeal of Mad Men fashion. My favorite style from Mad Men is of the character Joan Holloway, who dresses her hour-glass silhouette in office to night attire. The intense office manager of the agency, Joan is always impeccably dressed in curve-hugging pencil skirts, bright, jewel-toned colors, and shift dresses. It’s vintage fashion in it’s element, and I can’t get enough of it.

4. The characters

You can’t have a great television series without memorable characters with a compelling story-lines. Mad Men not only follows Don around, but includes us in the life of his co-workers. Notable characters include Joan, who has multiple sides to her, from tough-talking manager to a woman trying to find her place in the office. You have the the ambitious ad executive Peter Campbell with his annoying, over the top housewife Trudy. The cut-throat, senior partner Roger Sterling, who is manages to get everything he wants (including women) without lifting a finger. My hands down favorite character has to be the wholesome, go-getter Peggy Olson. In a nod to the sexism of the time, Peggy is the secretary who is trying to work her way up in the agency. She is smart, confident, and the character I most relate to in the show. You can’t help but root for Peggy in this 1960’s man’s world.

courtesy of Screen Rant

Convinced to watch Mad Men? If not, let me know…I can talk for days about it.