Girls Season 2 Portland Premiere!

Confession #1: I love the show Girls

Confession #2: I am so Hannah Horvath

Confession #3: Last night, I felt like an awesome rockstar

Now that we got those confessions out of the way (honestly, each point deserves it’s own post. But we will just focus on #3!)

photo (13)

Last night was not only the Golden Globes and the Girls season 2 premiere, but also the HBO Portland premiere of the new Girls season! And I somehow (by seeing the post on the FB page) secured (free) passes for Dannica and I before it sold out!

735584_406878906056381_1586488235_oEven though we didn’t have any clue what to expect from this event, Dannica and I have been so excited! They have been having these premiere parties all across the country, but I felt super cool that we got on the list for the Portland event (obviously because I am Hannah…)

We arrive early and get our HBO wristbands and drink tickets. Already I am in heaven. They have us wait in line outside to get in. It was freezing, but felt very NYC (I know, I’m going way too far with this whole Girls references…)


We get inside and it’s pure, wonderful chaos! We get drinks and food and before you know it, we are watching season 2 episode 1!

photo (10)Just me, one of my best friends, and 118 other Portland fans watching one of my favorite shows on premiere night.

But then the most surprising thing happened… they showed us episode 2! Woah! Now I’m ahead of the game now and the season just started!

photo (15)

(I won’t give anything away, but the first two episodes of this season are AWESOME! So excited to see what happens with Hannah & the gang)

After the screening, Dannica and I took full advantage of everything the event had to offer (hello, it was all FREE!)

We got our tarot cards read, we got henna, we ate more food, drank a little more, listened to an awesome girl band and then got to be a part of an awesome photo shoot. We even took a bunch of these Girls character-themed nail polish…things (I still don’t even know what they are.)

Basically our night totally rocked in the name of Girls!


011313_HBOGirlsPDX_046 copyThink I’m crazy for blabbing over this show? Please check it out!

And if you want to be my friend, you HAVE to at least watch an episode (how is that for a threat?!)


PDX Fab Find: 442 Soccer Bar

Steven’s friend Matt took us here about a month ago for a Timbers game, and we have been obsessed ever since!

Seriously, 442 Soccer Bar has become one of my favorite hangouts in Portland. On the corner of SW Hawthorne & 18th, this bar rocks for a myriad of reasons

  • Soccer is on. ALL THE TIME
  • The beer tap list is great (and always changing)
  • Delicious Bosnian food (hello Ćevapi)
  • Awesome bartenders
  • The lovely & hilarious owner Mohammad

If any of these points sound appealing, you need to go! Steven and I have been back a handful of times and each time we are left satisfied and super happy. Even just last night we went for a quick dinner, a beer, and for some MLS playoff soccer. And it was divine.

Mohammad the owner is usually there and it’s hard to miss him. He’s a loud, boisterous  super nice guy with a thick Bosnian accent. He treats everyone like they are regulars (but trust me, there are a lot of regulars who love good beer and soccer!)

Mohammad refers to every woman as “nice lady,” which of course means they have a house pale ale brew from Lompoc caled… Nice Lady Ale. I’m not usually a pale ale kind of girl, but once he called me nice lady, I knew I had to try it. And I loved it! The boys (who are all self-proclaimed beer aficionados) are always happy with the tap selection. Basically, you can find anything you want. There are also game day specials — Timbers jello shots anyone?!

Also, you have to try a Ćevapi! Its basically really flavorful kebab on doughy and super addicting bread (lepina), with onions, red pepper sauce (ajvar), and a small amount of cream sauce (kaymak). It’s so delicious, I have to get it every time. Steven has gotten the Mediterranean chicken sandwich  which was amazing, and Katie got another sandwich which she said she enjoyed.

I can’t find a reason not to love 442 Soccer Bar. We have gotten to know some of the bartenders and they are just great to talk to. The food is good, the drinks are great, and our friends also love this place.

Let me know if you check it out! I have also heard a rumor that they show Blazers games…

Pitch Perfect is hilarious! Now go see it.

courtesy of IMBD

I don’t think I have laughed that hard during a movie since Bridesmaids.

Seriously, Pitch Perfect is hilarious! And if you need a great chick flick, this is it.

Now I know what you are thinking… that it’s about acapella groups and it could be lame. Because honestly, I was thinking the same thing. I went because a) Dannica, Taryn, and Kim really wanted to see it and b) I have an addiction to movie theater popcorn.

And I can’t even begin to describe to you how hilarious this movie is. I was entertained the entire 112 minutes. From the characters to the hilarious dialogue to the songs, it’s like Bridesmaids meets Glee meets Mean Girls meets Bring It On. And who wouldn’t want to see that?

Courtesy of IMDB

Alternative Becca (Anna Kendrick) is lonely college freshman before she joins the crazy, weird world of college acapella groups. She joins the Barden Bellas and chaos ensues. The best part about the film is that it makes fun of itself. It knows how ridiculous it is, but it keeps running with it. It’s stupid, but smart at the same time… (worst sentence I have ever written in this blog)

Although I loved all the songs (and the mashups), the best part is the weird, quirky characters that you meet along the way. From the prim and proper blonde who has a projectile vomiting issue to the quiet girl who always speaks in creepy whispers to Elizabeth Banks who played a washed out acapella commentator — these characters and their lines are definitely memorable and quotable.

But hands down, the best character is Fat Amy. Rebel Wilson, who you will definitely remember from Bridemaids, hands down steals the show. I haven’t stopped quoting her lines all day. 

Favorite –  I love you all. Even though most of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts

Basically this movie has made me want to join an acapella group and sing/dance my heart out. And since Steven was a vocal studies major in college, we will do duets on request (haha!)

If I haven’t convinced you yet, Dannica took this gem of a video of Kim & I reenacting acapella groups after the movie.

And no, we are not intoxicated. This is pure enthusiasm and movie popcorn energy.

Race Recap: The Color Run 5k

This race is crazy fun. And if it comes to your city, you HAVE to do it!

That’s all that really needs to be written about The Color Run.

I had been deathly (OK, exaggeration…) sick for the past couple days, but I had such a blast during this run. So if a sick 23-year old baby had fun, then anyone can have fun!

I got together with Steven, Dannica, Jessica, and Taryn to form a kick-ass, colorful team. (Props to Jeff for playing “dad!”)

The race is very simple. You run, get colored dust thrown at you, then celebrate at the finish by throwing more colored dust at each other.

The Color Run isn’t timed. There are no pacers. There is no real race. It’s all for fun!

(yes…I have blue dust in my teeth. Deal with it.)

You had so much different types of people there. With more than 15,000 runners, it seemed like all of Portland showed up!  It was very well organized for the amount of runners/joggers/walkers there was. I am definitely doing it again next year! Remind me to get a white tutu… I was so envious of them!

(yes… my face looks like a chimney sweeper’s)


  • Grab your race packet the days before! We picked ours up race-day and it was a little hectic!
  • Use a plastic bag to cover your phone/camera for the run if you want to take photos. We found that using the bag that our sweatbands came in was perfect for the cover job!
  • After the race/celebration, try to shake off as much dust as possible from your skin. It will make it way easier to wash off afterwards (I think I still have blue spots on my arm…)
  • If you want to keep your white shirt colorful, soak it in vinegar and then iron it before you put it in the wash!

And for your enjoyment… The Color Run dinosaurs


Mid-Week Music: I Spy by Mikhael Paskalev

My co-worker/office mate Jeff showed me this incredibly epic music video. Jeff Kennel, being the coolest photographer/videographer I know, is a genius when it comes to videos. Probably one of the most creative people I know.

Watch this video. I love everything about it. Man, dancing in underwear, breaking things in slow motion.

And this song has been in my head for at least four days. Those Norwegians make some damn good music!

PDX Fab Find: Bazi Bierbrasserie

I am going to be honest, I never really venture out into SE Portland. Being a downtown girl, I  know my way around the west side, but the east side is a little bit of a mystery for me.

Let me tell you, Bazi Bierbrasserie is a hidden gem on the east side. Small, tucked away right off of Hawthorne, this bar/restaurant totally rocks!

Bazi Bierbrasserie (don’t ask me to pronounce that…) is a Belgian bar with a brasserie style food menu. Steven and I met our friends Katie and Dylan right after work for happy hour and to watch a Timbers game.

I was totally and completely impressed with Bazi Bierbrasserie .

The restaurant is smaller, but has a great outside area with picnic tables and umbrellas. There is also a garage door that was opened into the restaurant, which gave a lovely natural light. Awesome atmosphere, I loved it!

The cool thing about Bazi Bierbrasserie is the beer selection. There are about 17 imported Belgian craft beer taps as well as a couple local, rotating guest taps, all in the Belgian-style. There is something for everyone and our server was more then helpful with our selections.

Steven, Katie, and Dylan well went with traditional, dark imported Belgian beers (of course!), while I ordered lighter Wit beers from two breweries.

Turns out the two beers I had were from the local rotating guest taps, one from pFriem Brewing and the other from Breakside Brewing. If you like lighter, creamy beers, these two Wits are for you!

Hint: Be prepared to pay a little more for your beer! Also, since they are imported, there are no beer samples. So ask your server and order wisely!

Not only were we all super excited about the beers, the food was so so good! Happy hour prices ranged from $3-$7 and the food portions were very generous. I definitely want to come back for dinner sometime.

Happy Hour food menu

I ordered the happy hour frites and the dirty laundry grilled cheese sandwich! The frites were delicious and cooked to perfection. Whatever seasoning they had one them, I want it on everything. I also died over the grilled cheese. With doughy pullman load bread and copious amounts to cheddar and gruyere, I could eat this grilled cheese everyday.

Steven and Katie ordered the old fashioned cheeseburger and both had nothing but wonderful things to say about it!

Bazi Bierbrasserie shows all local teams, MLS games, and English Soccer games on a giant 114 inch tv. They also have a smaller tv in the corner of the bar. If you are going for a game, be sure to get there early! We were shocked how packed it was a half hour before kick off!Good beer, delicious food, great friends? Nothing could be better… (besides a Timbers win)


Fashion’s Night Out: Portland style

Last night, Dannica and I went out to Portland’s Fashion Night Out. I had never gone, but Dannica promised me it would be a blast…

And she was totally spot on!

After some digging, I found that Fashion’s Night Out was started in 2009 in NYC by Vogue Magazine to get New Yorkers back out there shopping (damn you recession!)

Fashion’s Night Out has now spanned to over 500 cities nationwide meaning yesterday was a very busy day for shoppers all around the country!

Portland was abuzz with excitement! Around 17 different establishments had exciting sales, runway shows, makeup tutorials, free swag, live music, free pedicabs around town, free food, and free drinks.

Literally, what more can a girl want?!

We started the night at Director Park for some runway shows, raspberry prosecco, and a makeup touch-up from Sephora!

Afterwards, we hit up Banana Republic, Mario’s, and Nordstrom and then took a free pedicab to House of Lolo, Leanna NYC, and Lizard Lounge to meet up with Dannica’s co-workers!

(bad blogger alert… I should have taken more photos!)

Although I know I can’t afford half of the things on my wish list, I had so much fun looking at all the collections and seeing the new fall trends. The delicious food and alcohol was also a perk (hey, what can I say…I love free!)

I am definitely going again next year! My recommendation: go early and prepare to stay out late! Especially if Fashion’s Night Out coincides with Portland’s First Thursday again! It’s times like this when Portland is at it’s absolute best.

I am having a PDX love affair right now…