About Roya

“With love, with patience, and with faith…She’ll make her way.”


I am a recent college graduate from the University of Portland (Go Pilots!) with a degree in Communication Studies. I now work full time as the Staff Writer for the University of Portland Marketing & Communications Department.

I am a runner, a budding chef and am in constant search of balance in my life.

This blog is basically a sum of who I am.

Some basic facts about me…

I live in beautiful apartment in downtown Portland, Oregon. I have a crazy, wonderful family. My boyfriend Steven probably wrote the “Best Boyfriend Handbook.” My friends are amazing. And I love my life!

I also love laughter, the Portland Timbers, vanilla lattes, and of course blogging.

August 1994


My mom was raised in Nebraska, while my dad is from Iran. I had an ideal, sun-filled childhood.

I grew up with pool parties and soccer games in the fabolous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. From there, my family did a quick hop to Marietta, Georgia where the fireflies are plentiful and the accents are syrupy thick. The trendy and green Portland, Oregon finally became our home and has kept the Ghorbani-Elizeh family in her arms for the last 10 years.


7 thoughts on “About Roya

  1. Seems like you have a great blog! I’m a broadcast journalism student and blogging has really helped me become a better writer and I’m sure it has helped you out in communications as well.

  2. Love your bio! So glad to have you as one of our newest Sweat Pink ambassadors. I will be up in Portland over Memorial Day weekend…if you’re around and up for it, we should try and meet up for a cup of coffee, a run, or whatever! 😉 Let’s connect over email! 😉

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