My love for the Baltimore Ravens

baltimore-ravens-wallpaperCourtesy of Baltimore Ravens

I love the Baltimore Ravens.

And unless you follow me on Twitter (with my annoying habit of live tweeting sporting events like a wannabe journalist), then there is no reason for you to know this.

Especially because it’s a new love affair. 

Even my best friend from high school was confused by this new found love.

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 2.30.11 PMSo here it is, my reasoning behind my newfound love of the Ravens

(Be forewarned that my logic makes no sense…)

I feel like every person has a NFL team they follow. Whether their grandpa loves the team or they grew up in that city or their cousin’s best friend’s boyfriend once played for the team, everyone has a team.

Steven has loved the San Francisco 49ers his entire life (because of his grandpa), Jamie loves Seattle Seahawks because she’s from Seattle.

And you know what, I wanted a team!

Why wouldn’t I start now?! I like football, it’s not soccer season, why not pick a team now?! And then (in my weird logic) I will make my future kids like the team and then I will start the tradition! 

“My mom loves the ____ so now I do!”

They are already going to love the Blazers and the Timbers, so why not throw in a NFL team?!

So one Sunday afternoon, Dannica and I were drinking some wine by her rooftop pool (doesn’t that sound so glamourous?!) and we both decided we were going to pick teams and stick to it.

(this is actually a photo of the day I became a Ravens fan… 23 weeks ago)


So first I thought of any family connections… Dad is from Iran, Mom is from Nebraska. Both don’t have NFL football teams.

Then I thought of the places I lived. Vegas = no NFL team. But Atlanta… that’s where I got stuck. See, I lived in Atlanta during the Michael Vick era. I remember not really caring a lot about football (remember, family was not big into football and I was a total soccer girl), but the whole Atlanta Falcons = Michael Vick correlation just can’t leave my mind. So no Falcons for me… (I know this makes no sense)

Here is when my lightbulb moment happened. My family almost decided to move to Baltimore, Maryland before we decided on Portland!

Pros: I remember visiting Baltimore and loving it! And purple is one of my favorite colors (UP purple pride!)

Cons: ummm….

Done deal: I am now a Baltimore Ravens fan!

hi-res-159075827_crop_exactCourtesy of Bleacher Report

Yes, it’s unconventional. And yes, diehard fans will dismiss me. But you know what? I had a great time this football season! I hosted Monday Night Football dinners, I watched every Ravens game on tv. I know many of the players, I followed the schedule/stats closely.

So here I am, first season as a Ravens fan and we are going to the Super Bowl! If we win, I am going to consider myself lucky.

Super-Bowl-XLVIICourtesy of Dial Global Sports

And the best part… it’s my team vs. Steven’s team! Super Bowl XLVII is a battle in my relationship!

So there you go, my rationale for being a Ravens fan!

I promise this won’t be a one-year thing. I’m a fan now.

(NFL fans, don’t judge me too harshly).


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