Girls Season 2 Portland Premiere!

Confession #1: I love the show Girls

Confession #2: I am so Hannah Horvath

Confession #3: Last night, I felt like an awesome rockstar

Now that we got those confessions out of the way (honestly, each point deserves it’s own post. But we will just focus on #3!)

photo (13)

Last night was not only the Golden Globes and the Girls season 2 premiere, but also the HBO Portland premiere of the new Girls season! And I somehow (by seeing the post on the FB page) secured (free) passes for Dannica and I before it sold out!

735584_406878906056381_1586488235_oEven though we didn’t have any clue what to expect from this event, Dannica and I have been so excited! They have been having these premiere parties all across the country, but I felt super cool that we got on the list for the Portland event (obviously because I am Hannah…)

We arrive early and get our HBO wristbands and drink tickets. Already I am in heaven. They have us wait in line outside to get in. It was freezing, but felt very NYC (I know, I’m going way too far with this whole Girls references…)


We get inside and it’s pure, wonderful chaos! We get drinks and food and before you know it, we are watching season 2 episode 1!

photo (10)Just me, one of my best friends, and 118 other Portland fans watching one of my favorite shows on premiere night.

But then the most surprising thing happened… they showed us episode 2! Woah! Now I’m ahead of the game now and the season just started!

photo (15)

(I won’t give anything away, but the first two episodes of this season are AWESOME! So excited to see what happens with Hannah & the gang)

After the screening, Dannica and I took full advantage of everything the event had to offer (hello, it was all FREE!)

We got our tarot cards read, we got henna, we ate more food, drank a little more, listened to an awesome girl band and then got to be a part of an awesome photo shoot. We even took a bunch of these Girls character-themed nail polish…things (I still don’t even know what they are.)

Basically our night totally rocked in the name of Girls!


011313_HBOGirlsPDX_046 copyThink I’m crazy for blabbing over this show? Please check it out!

And if you want to be my friend, you HAVE to at least watch an episode (how is that for a threat?!)


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