I’m Back! (photos from the past two weeks)

Happy 2013!

Like the horrible blogger that I am, I haven’t posted since December 19! So I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

I am vowing to keep up with this blog for 2013. I need to write a resolution post as well as a recap of the Holiday Half marathon (yeah, that one I ran almost a month ago…)

But in the mean time, here is a photo dump of the past couple weeks!

Before Christmas:

Grotto with the family to hear Steven sing, wrapping presents, neon Christmas tree in the new apartment, hot chocolate all the time!







Steven and I opened our presents and did our Christmas Eve tradition of having mimosas and cinnamon rolls for breakfast! (PS – I had a Tiffany’s blue box Christmas! Steven rocks!)



Then we spent Christmas Eve afternoon with Steven’s wonderful family!

IMG_4932And later that night we joined my family for my mom’s delicious Christmas cookies (seriously, they rock!)


IMG_4939Christmas day was spent eating great food, hanging out with my wonderful family, and opening presents! And it isn’t Christmas without an epic tournament of Bananagrams…




Right after Christmas, Steven and I went to the Oregon Coast for a couple days. We relaxed, napped, read books, and watched tons of movies. Maybe not the most glamorous of vacations, but it was great to get away! (I have zero photos of our four day getaway…)

Also, READ THIS BOOK NOW. I seriously couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend Gone Girl, I read it front to back in a day straight. It was that compelling…

0806_gone_425New Years:

I had SO much fun with New Years this year. Even though planning was a little bit of a fiasco, the start to 2013 was perfect! I got to spend it with some of my best friends and that adorable guy that I call my boyfriend




IMG_5032The time between those major events? I have just been hanging out, seeing old friends, and spending time with family



IMG_5050This past month has been amazing. And I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store!


2 thoughts on “I’m Back! (photos from the past two weeks)

  1. Welcome back and Happy New Year! Looks like you have had an absolutely fabulous couple of weeks off. Super jealous that you got a Tiffany’s box for Christmas. Maybe someday my hubby will get the hint. 😉

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