The Holidays are Here!

… and damn do I feel busy!

My Thanksgiving was so wonderful this year! And I had such a great little vacation from work. But instead of relaxing, I was on the go the entire time (which is how I usually thrive).

But wow, today I am feeling worn out!

Little recap of my extended weekend


Started with a 6 miler (I’m really not photogenic after a run. Remind me that later…)

Went to Steven’s grandparents for some Quirk/Hanna time!

Went to my parent’s house for some G-E time!


Packed up some of the apartment. Man, I have a lot of stuff… Thank god I don’t have to move my stuff outside at all. It was pouring buckets on Friday

Found my new favorite Starbucks holiday drink! Creme Brulee latte with two pumps toffee nut and a dash of sea salt. Oh my god, it’s amazing…

Grotto date with my mom to hear Steven’s opening concert! So much fun, but so much rain/wind!


Went to Rogue to sit by the fire/watch the Civil War/drink beer

Double date with my parents to see my mom’s favorite cover band The Melody Butchers


9 mile run. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it!

More packing… I have so much stuff.

The move is happening on Saturday. Basically I need to get my butt in gear and just get rid of stuff/pack!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?


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