How my first Pinterest craft turned into Steven’s first Pinterest craft…

I suck at crafts. There, I said it. I don’t have the patience. If one thing goes wrong, it’s all over…

So imagine my internal surprise when I discovered the glory of Pinterest. Yes I am a little late on this, but wow – world/inspiration is at my fingertips! One day I am going to make all these delicious recipes, have an incredible house, do all these fun crafts and have the best wedding ever (said everyone who has ever used Pinterest).

Pinterest made me feel like I too can craft… and damn you for giving me false hopes!

Since I am moving, I created a “New Apartment” board for all of my inspiration. I found this one that was easy, simple, and would be perfect for my new home.

Courtesy of Kayla Danielle 

I have lived in three states, so this was going to be the perfect wall art for my living room! 

And it was the easiest of crafts. Print maps, cut them out, make red hearts where I have lived, buy a long memory box frame! Bada bing bada boom

Well… this is where things get complicated (well more like I made it more complicated…)

I have had this wall art from Ikea that I bought randomly. I didn’t really like it when I bought it, so I’m not sure why I have it. I never even hung it up. Damn you Ikea and your warehouse.

The money-saver that I am, I thought I could just use this frame! Problem is, I couldn’t get the back off, the staples were in too deep on the back. That’s when the wonderful Steven comes in to the rescue. With a pair of pliers, it took him 30 minutes to take off the staples to get to the inside of the frame.

(this is when I begin to lose interest…)

Once the back is off, he discovers that the backing on the photo is just brownish cardboard and not black like I had anticipated.

I promptly lost interest in the entire project. If it wasn’t going to work, it wasn’t meant to be.

While I’m off switching between watching Twilight and a random NBA game (don’t judge me,) Steven found blue index cards (no idea I had these…) and glued them on to the photos, creating a backing for the maps.

Before I knew it, he had it assembled and everything all glued together and stapled into the frame!

My art project became his art project. Couples share everything right?

Give the man a round of applause! 


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