Busy weekends are the best

I had two straight busy, busy days.

And one blissful do nothing day.

Friday I met Steven and Dannica at a sports bar to watch the Blazers game.

Steven was drinking Oakshire’s Ill-tempered Gnome. And this is his gnome face…

Adorable isn’t he?

Afterwards we met up with some friends at Kells 21st for our friends Bridget and Elysse’s birthday gathering. It was great to see friends/co-workers and to hang out at the awesome places on 21st.

(my face is SO SHINY!)

Saturday I started the day with a 6 mile run. And honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it. But I needed to get that long run in, so I just powered through. Thankfully it wasn’t raining and was slightly warm outside.

I really rocked it last week with running/training! From runs to elliptical to leg workouts to spinning, I worked out everyday but Sunday!

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning the apartment, half watching/listening to the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, and cutting up vegetables for the upcoming week.

My life is thrilling, I know.

Dannica and I got together to get ready for our friend Trevor’s big masquerade party! He rented out a bar for his birthday and everyone was asked to where masks for the theme.

I felt like a super hero the entire night!

Sunday – my do nothing but relax day. I made myself a big breakfast, sat in my comfy chair, and watched the entire first season of the HBO show Girls.

I am so in love with this show! It’s my life. It’s so heartbreaking/hilarious/witty. The perfect show for a twenty something girl.

Steven came over, pried me away from my comfy chair. and made me dinner. Seriously, this guy is such a keeper!

Bacon & Ranch Cajun Baby Cheeseburgers

This week is going to be crazy hectic. But I am feeling prepared. Ready, set, go!

PS- I can’t believe the election is tomorrow! Ah!


One thought on “Busy weekends are the best

  1. I love costume parties! It looks like you had fun. Last weekend I went to a masquerade Oktoberfest fundraiser. It was a fun…lots of good wine and beer to sample. My hubby got a little too drunk and had fun at the live auction. 🙂

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