Short days, Long hair

So days aren’t really shorter… but the hours of daylight are fleeting! In the summer, I loved my after work runs. But now I have to be creative so I’m not stuck on the waterfront in the dark downtown during my longer runs.

You have to take as much advantage of the daylight as you can! I am saying no to the treadmill and saying yes to right after work runs.

For my after work fall runs, I head out for my runs right when I get home from work so I still have some daylight. I eat a protein bar a hour before to keep hunger at bay during my run. I also lay all of my gear out, which makes for a quick trade from pencil skirt for running capri. I did 4.5 miles yesterday, which felt great. I did a couple sprints between bridges, but other then that I kept it low key. I’m really enjoying running in the cooler weather and seeing the awesome sunset colors.

Shameless self-portrait – no filter, just Portland sky

The day before I had tried a new leg workout complete with wall sits, lunges, and “fire hydrants,” which I followed with a 4 mile run. Needless to say, I am super sore (my muscles feel like hell) and am taking an active rest day today. 

Do this. It doesn’t feel epic, but you will definitely feel it the next day.

In non-running news (and more vain news), my hair is so long!

I have had short hair since high school. And in the past two months, I have discovered the magic of the bun. Casual to classy, it takes little to no time to throw my hair in a bun. It’s also perfect for those lunch time workouts! I love wearing my hair up – it’s no fuss!

So I haven’t worn my hair down in public for a long, long time! I have gotten so many comments from everyone about how long my hair is! And you know what, it is the longest it has been in forever! Now I just need to remember that I want it long. I usually try to grow it out, but end up chopping it off since I am impatient.

Just don’t let me be around hairdressers for a bit!

Another shameless self-portrait 


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