Race Recap: The Color Run 5k

This race is crazy fun. And if it comes to your city, you HAVE to do it!

That’s all that really needs to be written about The Color Run.

I had been deathly (OK, exaggeration…) sick for the past couple days, but I had such a blast during this run. So if a sick 23-year old baby had fun, then anyone can have fun!

I got together with Steven, Dannica, Jessica, and Taryn to form a kick-ass, colorful team. (Props to Jeff for playing “dad!”)

The race is very simple. You run, get colored dust thrown at you, then celebrate at the finish by throwing more colored dust at each other.

The Color Run isn’t timed. There are no pacers. There is no real race. It’s all for fun!

(yes…I have blue dust in my teeth. Deal with it.)

You had so much different types of people there. With more than 15,000 runners, it seemed like all of Portland showed up!  It was very well organized for the amount of runners/joggers/walkers there was. I am definitely doing it again next year! Remind me to get a white tutu… I was so envious of them!

(yes… my face looks like a chimney sweeper’s)


  • Grab your race packet the days before! We picked ours up race-day and it was a little hectic!
  • Use a plastic bag to cover your phone/camera for the run if you want to take photos. We found that using the bag that our sweatbands came in was perfect for the cover job!
  • After the race/celebration, try to shake off as much dust as possible from your skin. It will make it way easier to wash off afterwards (I think I still have blue spots on my arm…)
  • If you want to keep your white shirt colorful, soak it in vinegar and then iron it before you put it in the wash!

And for your enjoyment… The Color Run dinosaurs



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