It’s Official: Hello Holiday Half Marathon!

I have signed up for my second half marathon, the Portland Holiday Half!

It’s in North Portland, which is perfect! It runs right by the University of Portland (oh hey alma mater/workplace!) and it also gives my family and friends a chance to see me race!

Is it weird I am already planning my costume for the race?

I am super excited and have already come up with my training plan! It starts next week after I get back from Napa

(Haven’t mentioned this, but I am going to Napa Valley to celebrate Miss Kate Vance and her bachelorette-ness! Post to come when I get back!)

For my training plan, I (and Smart Coach) kept around the same mileage plan that I did for the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon. I am planning to incorporate one spin class and one yoga class a week for cross training. Long runs are on Saturdays and my highest mileage week is 19 miles.

Thanks to Steven for my fabulous Excel spreadsheet! He knows I like pretty things!


I’m excited to get started! Now who has some good ideas for a costume?!






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