Fashion’s Night Out: Portland style

Last night, Dannica and I went out to Portland’s Fashion Night Out. I had never gone, but Dannica promised me it would be a blast…

And she was totally spot on!

After some digging, I found that Fashion’s Night Out was started in 2009 in NYC by Vogue Magazine to get New Yorkers back out there shopping (damn you recession!)

Fashion’s Night Out has now spanned to over 500 cities nationwide meaning yesterday was a very busy day for shoppers all around the country!

Portland was abuzz with excitement! Around 17 different establishments had exciting sales, runway shows, makeup tutorials, free swag, live music, free pedicabs around town, free food, and free drinks.

Literally, what more can a girl want?!

We started the night at Director Park for some runway shows, raspberry prosecco, and a makeup touch-up from Sephora!

Afterwards, we hit up Banana Republic, Mario’s, and Nordstrom and then took a free pedicab to House of Lolo, Leanna NYC, and Lizard Lounge to meet up with Dannica’s co-workers!

(bad blogger alert… I should have taken more photos!)

Although I know I can’t afford half of the things on my wish list, I had so much fun looking at all the collections and seeing the new fall trends. The delicious food and alcohol was also a perk (hey, what can I say…I love free!)

I am definitely going again next year! My recommendation: go early and prepare to stay out late! Especially if Fashion’s Night Out coincides with Portland’s First Thursday again! It’s times like this when Portland is at it’s absolute best.

I am having a PDX love affair right now…


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