Crazy Randomness

This is a random post. Please bear with my crazy, ramdom brain right now!

Today is move in day at the University of Portland. I went around taking photos of all the parents moving their students! It seems like just yesterday (in actuality, it’s been five years) when Karen and I moved into Mehling Hall. I went to visit it today for old times sake!

August 2007

August 2012

This is my mantra this weekend

I can’t stop looking at the Half Marathon countdown It’s like a moth to a flame

Steven made the best stuffed shells with mushroom sauce the other night! I was so impressed with him!

My new Mizunos came in the mail! No, I won’t be wearing them for the half marathon, but aren’t they gorgeous?! I took them on a small 2 mile run and I love them!


Expect a big old post tomorrow about these bad boys my lovely mom ordered for my supporters…


My mind feels like this song


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