Flashback: London Calling

The Olympics are over… I can’t even believe it! This was the first Olympics that I really, really got into. And I loved that it was set in London!

I have had a weird love affair with London. I have two really good friends who studied abroad for there and I was fortunate to be there for two weeks on a Europe summer study abroad experience.

How I would love to go back! Flashback to junior year in college!




Sidenote: I recently just met up with my good friend Ashley. We were on the Europe trip together and since she moved away after college, I only see her a couple times a year. Ash, we have grown up so much!


2 thoughts on “Flashback: London Calling

  1. I watched a lot of the Olympics as well. Last sunday it was hot, muggy and light rain when I was getting ready for my Sunday long run. I didn’t want to go. Then I thought about US sprinter Tyson Gay. He had hip surgary last year, and he was running in The Olympics! How could I whimp out over rain when this guy must have run through incredible pain during his recovery.
    Many of the athlete’s stories were inspiring. I hope I can keep some of them in mind for a long time as i’m sure I’ll need the inspiration often.

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