All You Need is Sangria

Last night Steven and I had an amazing, delicious, and easy easy easy dinner that is just too good not to share.

The star of course was Steven’s sangria! It has been so hot in Portland these past couple weeks. With no air conditioning in sight, you have to do everything you can to keep cool!

Citrus White Wine Sangria

1 bottle of white wine (we did Pinot Gris)


2 oranges sliced

1 lemon sliced

1 lime sliced

1/2 liter of Ginger Ale

Pour wine in a pitcher and squeeze the juice from the oranges, lime, and lemon. Toss in some sliced wedges with seeds removed. Add sugar for sweetness desired. Chill overnight. Before serving, add Ginger Ale to taste. Then drink up!

For dinner we had an amazing recipe that Whit Likes Fit posted a little bit ago (originally from The Fitnessista) I love it because it’s delicious, fast, and I have all the ingredients I need in my kitchen!

Honey Dijon Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes

3 chicken breasts


Italian seasoning

1/3 cup sun dried tomatoes

1/2 tablespoon dijon mustard

1 teaspoon honey

lemon juice

Brown chicken, garlic, and seasoning in hot pan with olive oil. Add everything else and stir together.

We served it with wild rice and corn on the cob. It was perfect!

Nothing like an easy meal and a cold drink to make this girl happy!


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