Awesome, Loving Life run vs. Horrible, No Good, Very Bad run

Something that baffles me…

How do you have an awesome run one day and a horrible run the next?

When I started running, it honestly sucked. But I kept going, and some of those runs got better and better. And I kept expecting those horrible runs to go away.

And today I had the realization that they aren’t going anywhere. It’s the inevitable part of being a runner. Horrible, No Good, Very Bad runs are just a part of life. It’s how you handle them that counts.

My lunchtime run just made me Croya so watch out!

I ran 10 wonderful and almost blissful miles on Friday.

And today I couldn’t even muster a 3 mile run. 2.75 and I quit.

How does that happen?!

I know when a run is awesome when I am in my own world. People watching, lip synching, contemplating life. With no care to my pace or my mileage.

A horrible, no good, very bad run is entirely the opposite. No song sounds good, my mind is a mess, I’m constantly checking my mileage, praying that the end is near.

With 11 days until my first half marathon, I just need to put it behind me. Remember the good runs, the runner’s high, the feeling of accomplishment.

Here’s to no horrible, no good, very bad runs in the next 11 days! (good, happy run thoughts are appreciated!)


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