Long Runs = Swollen Knee

First off, thanks everyone for your music suggestions! I plan on spending all tomorrow night compiling all your suggestions and looking through your playlists!

So yesterday was my long 9 mile run. But unfortunately, I did not plan my time well and the sun was going down fast. Although I am so completely comfortable living (and running) downtown, a co-worker recently had a scary homeless man experience and I just didn’t want to deal with that.

So 9 miles turned into 8.5 miles!

Taken from last night’s run. Portland is just way too beautiful in the summer.

This was my third 8+ mile training run, and it wasn’t my best. 85 degrees might be nothing for some parts of the country, but that is pretty warm here! I felt slow, sluggish, and around mile 5 my body just wasn’t cooperating. I had a ton of walk/stretch breaks, but honestly, I am not going to let that bother me anymore.

What is bothering me is my knee. My left knee is my weakness. After tearing my ACL and going through ACL arthroscopic surgery in high school, she just hasn’t been the same. Last night and today my knee is feeling really tender and is swollen. She is being babied, so all should be good!

Thank god for Pro Compression socks, ceiling fans, and my “ice bag” of mixed vegetables that has been used one too many times…

The best feeling ever is lounging after a long run. I had a wonderful nice with my ice bag, copious amounts of water, and Real World St. Thomas!

Speaking of Real World, they just starting filming their next season here in Portland. Of course I went with a couple girlfriends to stalk the house… Dannica was so mad because I kept screaming “Real World” into their open windows. Don’t worry, I will meet them soon enough.


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