Mid-Week Muisc: Mountain Sound by Of Monsters And Men

This song comes from the wise song master, my friend Dylan.

He introduced me to this song with the assertion that it should be this week’s mid-week music. He was right!

Have a song that I should know about? Let me know!


Race Recap: Eugene Women’s Half Marathon

I don’t even know where to start other then…


The Eugene Women’s Half Marathon was everything I wanted it to be and more. I pushed myself farther then I thought I could and I ended up finishing with the beautiful time of…

2 : 35 : 05

A full 20 minutes faster than I anticipated! 

So now that you know about the happy ending, let’s start at the beginning.

There was no race day pickup, so Steven and I spent Saturday day and night in Eugene before the Sunday race. It was so much fun making a little “vacation” out of it, and we loved exploring a little bit of the city. The race packet pickup was a breeze and was held in the gorgeous Fifth Street Public Market. I loved the race shirt, very cute and very pink! They little saying on the front is super adorable…

Courtesy of Eugene Women’s Half Marathon

Steven and I were lucky to stay the night at the Eugene Hilton, which was literally a couple blocks from the starting line. Like everyone has suggested, I laid out my race gear as well as my post-race essentials the night before so I didn’t stress in the morning. It’s such a great tip and I highly suggest it! Race morning I knew where everything was and all I had to do was focus on was the 13.1 miles ahead of me!

I was so nervous that morning. I had a bunch of texts in the morning wishing me luck, which meant the world to me! Steven and I went over to the start area so I could warm up, stretch, and soak up the atmosphere (and of course to take photos)! There were about 850 runners, all of whom were super supportive of one another. Definitely the best race atmosphere I have been involved in! 

Before I knew it, it was race time. And all I could think about was how hard I have worked to get to this point. I was a ball of excitement and was ready to take on my longest running distance yet! Quick pep talk with Steven (and of course more photos) and I was on my way!

I don’t know what came over me, but I was so confident and ready for it. I hit my stride and I just kept moving. The course was mostly along the Willamette River through some gorgeous parks and bike trails. Although I had no idea where I was in Eugene, I really did enjoy the scenery. Downside is that there weren’t that many spectators, but the ones we did pass were enthusiastic and encouraging!

There was a woman in a dark green shirt…and I basically stalked her through the race. This woman, who during the run I named “Lucy,” helped me keep a steady pace and really helped push me to keep going. I choose not to use my Nike+ app since this was my first half marathon and I didn’t care about my time. But thanks to “Lucy,” I had a killer time for the race!

Steven, being amazing, met me between mile 7 and 8 for some encouragement/Nunn/Banana. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to Steven. The first part of the race, I just focused on getting to him. And seeing him gave me such a boost/hilarious set of photos of “Race Roya.”

Around mile 9 is when my body began to break down a bit. I was so tired and my legs were basically throbbing in pain. But I knew I just had to keep going and the faster I went, the sooner it would be over. Some walk/stretch breaks helped my legs recover a bit before I hit mile 12. I wanted that final 1.1 mile to be epic…and epic it was! My iPod shuffle gods must have been on my side because 3 minutes before the end, “We Will Rock You” by Queen came on! I couldn’t have planned it better myself! By the time I rounded the final corner to the finish, I saw Steven and heard the announcer pronounce my name perfectly!

It’s a moment in my life that I will never forget. 

I grabbed my finishers charm, a mimosa, hugged Steven, and cried.

I did it! I can’t believe how far I have come!

The post-race festivities were a lot of fun. They had copious amounts of food (hello mini bagels…), a live band, stretching areas, fun vendors, massages, a beer garden, and a photo booth! Afterwards, I had to take some much needed steps to feel like a normal human again, which included a lot of Olive Garden breadsticks and long, long naps.

I loved the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon and it is totally the perfect race to run your first half. It’s a no stress, flat race with a lot of great energy and spirit. I look forward to doing it next year…

And spoiler alert… I think I had already chosen my next half marathon!

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past couple months! I was so (happily) overwhelmed by all the calls, texts, and messages I have received. And again, to my mom and everyone who wore the bracelets, you guys rock!

And finally a huge shout out to Steven, who dealt with a nervous, crying, overly excited girlfriend for a weekend. He is the best boyfriend, race supporter, running photographer a girl could ask for! 

Long story short… I ran 13.1 miles and loved it. 

2012 Eugene Women’s Half Marathon stats:

Run Roya Run!

My mom is the best!

Since she knows what a huge deal my half marathon was to me, she wanted all of my friends to have something to support me on my mission. So, being all crafty and all, she ordered the bracelets from Reminderband and passed them out to all of my friends and family.

I truly have the most supportive people around me. I love each and every one of you! You all have been there for me during my mission and I am so thankful to have such a great support system. 

I will be wearing my bracelet all 13.1 miles on Sunday!

I am getting really excited, I just keep looking at the countdown! I am taking you down Eugene Women’s Half Marathon!

Thanks again for everyone’s support! I have such wonderful friends, family & coworkers!

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(Want one? I have about three extra Run Roya Run bracelets!)

Crazy Randomness

This is a random post. Please bear with my crazy, ramdom brain right now!

Today is move in day at the University of Portland. I went around taking photos of all the parents moving their students! It seems like just yesterday (in actuality, it’s been five years) when Karen and I moved into Mehling Hall. I went to visit it today for old times sake!

August 2007

August 2012

This is my mantra this weekend

I can’t stop looking at the Half Marathon countdown It’s like a moth to a flame

Steven made the best stuffed shells with mushroom sauce the other night! I was so impressed with him!

My new Mizunos came in the mail! No, I won’t be wearing them for the half marathon, but aren’t they gorgeous?! I took them on a small 2 mile run and I love them!


Expect a big old post tomorrow about these bad boys my lovely mom ordered for my supporters…


My mind feels like this song

Race Recap: Pineapple Classic 5K Obstacle Course

I learned three things at the Pineapple Classic 5K Obstacle Course

1) Obstacle courses are fun, challenging, and dirty races

2) Wearing a tutu makes you very popular

3) Bee stings hurt ALOT

There was a Portland Perks discount code for the race and I knew that I had to do it. Coworkers Amy and Bridget and done it the previous year and they both just loved it. I got the coupons for Dannica and I, bought a tutu, and prepared myself for an awesome time!

The race was located in Canby, so not that far from Portland. The wonderful Steven came with us to support his girlfriends and their tutu ways. The great thing about the race is that it supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You had tons of people there, all racing for a great cause. The atmosphere was almost electric!

After a ton of pre-race photos (have I mentioned Steven is the best?!), Dannica and I headed to the start line. A fun aspect of this race is that each team is given a pineapple. Our pineapple (beautifully dubbed Bob) had to go to each obstacle with us and had to be held by one of us at all times. Bob was a champ, let me tell you…

The course was about 3.1 miles with about 17 obstacles. They had us doing everything; from jumping on unstable “lily pads” in a small lake to climbing up various walls. From pushing water-filled exercise balls up a steep dirt hill to crawling under nets Army style. Our beautiful tutus were literally caked in mud by the end of the course! It was challenging, but Dannica and I had fun the entire way!

Of course something bad had to happen though! Halfway through the obstacle course, right after we did a balance beam obstacle, I felt this sharp, intense pain in my back. I screamed so loud, Dannica immediately came over to investigate what happened. I had never been stung by a bee, but I was pretty sure that’s what happened. Dannica, my sneaky little friend, kept assuring me that I just cut myself on a branch. That little liar… she knows me so well, it’s probably a good thing she didn’t tell me.

But now I feel like such a badass

Also…the final obstacle was a 30 foot high water slide… and let’s just say I fell off of it… I am such a klutz. Bob fell with me, but thankfully he was alright too!

After the race was a luau, with Hawaiian pork and Deschutes Beer. It didn’t matter that it was barely 10:30 in the morning, we totally had our lunch and beer!

I highly recommend the Pineapple Classic 5K run. It was well organized and super fun. I’m excited to get a big group together to do it next year! The obstacles are relatively hard, but they are all manageable. If a little wuss like me can do them, then everyone can!

BTW… Bob tasted delicious – nice little time on the barbecue.

2012 Pineapple Classic 5K results: