Turning the Bad into Good: Half Marathon training

So I wrote this little post about my half marathon training. In a nutshell, some aspects of training were really really wonderful… and other aspects were just plain sucky.

I received some wonderful advice (thank you everyone!), and decided that I just needed to suck it up and stop being a baby about itI love running. I might not be the best or the fastest or the most gazelle-like, but I am running this half marathon even if it kills me!

On Sunday, I went out for another 8 mile run. And you know what, it rocked. Like everyone has suggested, I am aiming to go longer and longer on my runs to get my body accustomed to going the distance. I have readjusted my training plan so that I am focusing on important miles and not just small amounts of running/cardio like I was. On Sunday I am going to run 9 miles (woo!) Then just a couple more long runs before I taper off.


Today, I bite the bullet and changed up my running route! I ran during my lunch break instead of just doing my normal cardio machines/weight lifting. Although it was weird not being on my beloved Eastbank Esplande, it was really fun running somewhere different. New sights and tons of people watching. What more can a runner ask for?

The countdown clock keeps ticking away! New goal: Just go with the (running) flow.



2 thoughts on “Turning the Bad into Good: Half Marathon training

  1. I used to LOVE running down Willamette but going all the way down Willamette to Greeley instead of turning on Rosa Parks (NE Portland?). It’s quieter and on a nice day – so SO beautiful (if you’re into industry scenery haha). Miss it crazy amounts!

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