Oregon Brewers Festival 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Everyone in Portland goes to Oregon Brewers Fest. It’s literally a reunion of all of Portland!

I saw people from middle school, high school, college, and work! All enjoying beers and lounging in the sun in the middle of downtown!

There were 85 beers this year, all from breweries from around the country. PDX is totally Beervana.

It was the perfect weekend.

Last year was my first Oregon Brewers Fest experience and I fell in love! I will now being going every year.

Little known fact: The couple that drinks beer at Oregon Brewers Fest together, stays together!

Some tips:

  • Unless you are a huge beer snob, skip the “taster” and just do a full pour. No point in standing in line for 20 minutes to just get a small amount of beer
  • Pick up a program! I really hate dark beers, so with the help of my handy program, I knew where all the light, fruity beers are so I didn’t end up waiting for an icky beer
  • Be prepared for crowds. Like I said, anyone and everyone in the Portland metro area will be there!
  • If you go with a go with a group, grab a table spot! It’s good to have a “home base” for everyone to come back to and meet up.
  • Beer tokens are equivalent to gold… don’t lose them!
  • Start your own “woo” with the crowd. Just do it, people will follow suit!

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