The Ben & Jerry’s Truck in PDX!

Ice Cream and Summertime. The two go hand in hand.

And today, the Ben & Jerry’s Truck stopped by the University of Portland and gave us some free ice cream!

Best work day ever!

And the best part for you Portlanders? The Ben & Jerry’s Truck can stop by your office/house/fav hangout!

Last week, I saw that the Ben & Jerry’s Truck (@BenJerrysWest) was looking for places to go in the Rose City…

And knowing me, my love for ice cream and free things

Ask and you shall receive!

Not only did the UP Marketing office get to enjoy free ice cream, but all of my office building did!

They had three different flavors of their new greek frozen yogurt, which were all fantastic The Blueberry Vanilla Graham was to die for!

Not going to lie, I’m feeling like a cool kid right now. 

Live in Portland? You should tweet at them! They are here until this Friday!


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