ShowerPill review

I love love love working out during my lunch break. It’s the perfect time to get your sweat on so you don’t have to workout after work (I love my happy hours too much!)

Problem that I have is that I hate going back to the office all sweaty. I feel gross, I’m paranoid I smell, and I think everyone knows how icky I am.

The great people at ShowerPill sent me a pack of their athletic body wipes to review so I can stop being all paranoid during the second half of my workday.

According to their website, ShowerPill is the “hygiene supplement designed to keep you fresh and clean while on-the-go. This large premium antibacterial body wipe is individually packaged to be discrete, yet versatile and big on performance.

At first I was very skeptical. I thought it was just going to be cool-packaged baby wipe. But since my first post-workout lunch date with ShowerPill, I have been hooked ever since.

Transition from “athlete” Roya to “professional” Roya

I really love how thick and big (9”x 8”) the body wipe is. It’s like an on-the-go luxury item that smells pleasant and keeps me from looking like a sweat monster at work. It’s also infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which the beauty guru in me loves!

Each wipe is individually wrapped. So throw them in your gym bag or purse for post-workout, pre-happy hour, or for when it’s hot as hell outside (I’m looking at you East coast.) ShowerPill would also be awesome for travelers and campers; it’s just one of those all-purpose products that you can find any occasion to use, which is why I love it.

It’s one of the best products I have tried recently and I highly highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quick freshen-up-er after a sweaty workout. 

ShowerPill is $12.50 for a 10-pack. I have already ordered my second box… I can’t imagine a lunch workout without my new bestie ShowerPill


4 thoughts on “ShowerPill review

    • Whenever I want to workout at lunch, I always just decide to have my hair in a bun for the entire day.

      Post-workout I run a towel through my hair and then comb it out. And then up in a bun it goes! My biggest problem are little flyaways and the towel helps tame them! 🙂

  1. That’s awesome! Ps I’m jealous you get to use Howard Hall to work out in at lunch AND it’s so close to you!! (*picture me sobbing at my desk because I miss college so much) It’ll be so nice for you once the new rec center is completed!! Miss you G

  2. What a great product! I don’t have enough time to workout at lunchtime, but I could see myself using this between an after-work workout and happy hour with friends.

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