SPIband review

The wonderful, creative people at SPIbelt sent me their newest product to test out! And honestly, it’s a must-have for those of us who want to carry identification on a run.

(fun fact: SPI stands for small personal items)

The SPIband is a wristlet (or anklet) that runners can use to store their keys, cards, and information. I have always known how important carrying your information is for runners, but I always hated stuffing my sports bra with my id/debit card.

The SPIband fixes all of that! I now use it for every long run I have downtown. The material is super lightweight and breathable, so it doesn’t feel like a blanket on my wrist. Although it was weird to wear it at first, I now don’t even notice it. And even though it’s a simple design, I have never had anything fall from my SPIband or have had any slippage problems.

Only drawback is that it’s very small which makes it strange for carrying your keys. If you are able to pry a key or two loose from your key ring, then the SPIband is perfect. But if not, a key ring would just be too bulky for your wrist.

For my longer runs, I like to use my SPIband carry my id, some cash, and maybe a debit card if I am meeting up with a friend after. I have also been thinking I need to create a small, laminated sheet with emergency contact information and insurance numbers. Because I’m a nervous and paranoid runner…. (surprise, surprise)

You hear stories all the time of runners falling or injuring themselves. It’s a great rule of thumb to always have some sort of id on you anywhere and everywhere you go.

Here are some startling facts I found from my best friend Google..

“Each year over 450,000 people are taken to hospitals unconscious and without ID. Year after year, over 122,000 runners, walkers, and cyclists are hit by cars. Thousands more suffer blackouts, concussions, heart attacks, heat strokes and other serious accidents.”

In short, have some sort of id on you. The SPIband is a perfect way to do that, so you can stay safe without inhibiting your running.

SPIbands will be available starting mid-October! 

pardon my sweaty five-mile run face…


4 thoughts on “SPIband review

  1. Very cool! I have a SPIbelt, but never knew what SPI stood for. I don’t think I would like something on my wrist that big (even though it is small). I think that it would get too sweaty and gross for my liking. 🙂

  2. Very cool! I’ve been dragging my butt on starting a running routine, but every time I go on my bi-annual run, I get worried about stuff like ID.

    This is probably super lame, but I imagine that this would be a sweet thing to have for a night out as well (you know… if you wore it on your ankle under your jeans). I always hate going to bars, concerts, etc with a purse, and I’m always worried that my ID or credit cards are going to fall out of my pocket.

    I think your idea of carrying emergency numbers and insurance info is a good one. I always carry my insurance card with me. Whenever I decide to leave the purse at home and just grab the essentials it’s drivers license, credit card, insurance card.

  3. I love my SPIBelt, especially for big group runs when I don’t really want to figure out how to stash my keys. Emergency contact information is always a fantastic thing to have with you, I actually have a Road ID with all of that information including allergies and such, definitely worth the investment: http://www.roadid.com

    Happy running!

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