Blissfully Normal

Almost everyday I get a variation of the question “what’s new with you?”

And it feels weird to say this, but I usually don’t know how to respond. My life is blissfully normal right now, I literally don’t have much going on!

I work, I run, I cook, I hang out, I go out, I happy hour… (I make up verbs…)

and then repeat!

I was thinking about it and it’s really astounding to think of the contrast between my life this year and last year.

I mean, this time last year I was in a whirlwind of craziness. At any point last year my responses would have been plentiful to those questions. This time last year, I was…

Graduating college

Working two internships

Moving into my downtown apartment

Going to Iran

Going on job interviews

Getting a job

This time last year, my life was in a flux. But I loved it.

And now I am loving how everything has come into place. It’s nice to take a step back and see how things formed and shaped over the course of the year.

My life is now blissfully normal, which is perfect. 

Have you ever noticed this contrast in your life?


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