Happy National Running Day!

Amy just let me know about this momentous holiday! I’m hoping I get a present later…maybe?!

In all seriousness, I have been running now for about eight months. And in those eight months, I have challenged myself to become a happier and healthier twenty something.

Last October, there was no way I could accomplish the things I have.

I never thought I could run a 5k

I never thought I would run a Quarter Marathon

I never thought that I would be training for a Half Marathon

But I am.

And I feel wonderful challenging myself everyday.

Whether it’s short runs, long runs, walk breaks, or bike rides. I am making it count, one day and one mile at a time.

Running isn’t for everyone, but I know that everyone has one thing out there that challenges them. 

What is your one thing? Go out there and do it!


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