Race Recap: Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon

I went, I ran, I conquered!

I had an unofficial goal of finishing around 1 : 18, and I ended up kicking ass and

finishing at 1 : 15 : 54! 

Just like the Shamrock Run, this run was so thrilling. I had never, ever run more then 5 miles at one time, and here I was entering a 6.55 mile race!

But I did it! And I feel wonderful! 

I would recommend the Hippie Chick Half & Quarter Marathon to any new runner.

I had been so nervous the week leading up to the race. But once I got the Hillsboro Stadium, I was zen. Everything was going so fast and I was so excited, I had no time to be nervous! It also helped to have the best boyfriend ever to distract me/take care of everything!

After taking a gazillion photos (I have to document every aspect of the race!), I could see people lining up at the start. A quick kiss from Steven (and a couple more photos!), I was off running!

I had no time to overthink or freak out, all I did was run. The race was full, but not too crowded at 933 runners. The pacers, with their bright yellow balloons, were easy to spot and to keep pace with. The first mile I found myself weaving between slower runners and walkers, but afterwards I found my stride.

The weather was pretty warm for Oregon so I made sure to grab water at each aide station. After a lot of deliberation, I ended up not bringing my handeld water bottle during the race. The aide stations were roughly every 2 miles and parts of the course were under tree cover. I was feeling great (and hydrated!) during the course! Also, I totally need a pair of running sunglasses. The ones I wore during the race are a pair of Forever 21 sunglasses with leopard print on the sides. Cute, but they don’t scream “I’m a runner damnit!”

The race weaved through the farm lands of Hillsboro. It was very flat, had some pretty scenery, and was an out and back, which seems like a perfect course to me. Be sure to bring music though, I would have been so bored without MGMT blasting in my ears.

What I loved about this race was how supportive all the women were to one anotherHigh fives, cheering, and encouraging words were plentiful during the 6.55 miles. You had so many different types of women of all athletic abilities who were just so supportive and encouraging.

I was so full of adrenaline, that I wasn’t feeling any fatigue or pain during the race. I was so focused on finishing strong, that nothing seemed to matter.

The run started and stopped at Hillsboro Stadium, so by mile 5 I kept looking for the big lights of the stadium. As I turned a corner about a half mile before the finish, I heard my name! And there was my dad and Steven cheering for me! It was one of the best feelings I have had, hearing them cheer for me at the very end. It ended up giving me a huge surge of energy to finish strong.

passing my cheerleaders

Running into the stadium, I heard the announcer call my name. Probably one of the most bad-ass moments of my life! My finisher’s photo makes me look like I about to cry/laugh/dance/freak out. 

Afterwards I was so elated! I ended up placing 9th out of 27 in my age group! Woo! My dad and Steven came to find me right away and it was so wonderful to see them. I love having my cheerleaders at the race!

The expo was really fun afterwards! There was music, massages, food, and running vendors. I of course wanted my post-race mimosa and pancakes right away (so typical!)

Thanks to everyone for all of their support these last couple months! I can’t believe that in November, I decided I wanted to do the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon. And I did it!

What a great feeling! I definitely will be doing this race again next year!

2012 Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon stats:


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