PDX Fab Find: Serratto

courtesy of Urban Spoon

As you all know, I love happy hours. I mean, it’s basically an obsession.

Name me one person who doesn’t like cheap drinks & food after work. Include some great company and you have one happy Roya.

My newest fab happy hour place is Serratto, NW Kearney & 21st. I have been there twice now, and I can confidently say it is one of my favorite happy hour spots in Portland!

First off, the decor is to die for. Floral arrangements, candles, light yellow walls, wine bottles, brass fixtures and chandeliers, giant windows. I feel like I just walked into a cute bistro in France!

Second, the happy hour menu is everything you could want (and more!) With an extensive food and drink menu, there is something here for everyone.

Drink specials include $5 Happy hour red & white wine, Well drinks, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Margarita.

My first trip here (for a ladies night), I went with a Lemon Drop (let’s be honest…maybe two…). It was delicious, but nothing really out of the ordinary. My second time here with some friends, I ended up getting the happy hour white wine. It was incredible! Everyone who ordered wine at the table was happy with their choice and were impressed by the quality for the price! There are also a couple beers on tap (which made Steven a happy little boy).

Food specials include Cheese pizza ($6), Burger with pommes frites ($8), Calamari ($5), Rigatoni ($6), French Onion Soup ($5)

Serratto Happy Hour Menu

The great thing about Serratto is that their happy hour food is really a full order. Both times I have left the table completely stuffed and satisfied. The burger with fries is really, really, really good. Steven (the unofficial burger king) loved it. Like really, really, really loved it.

I split the cheese pizza with my friend Erica and we were blown away. Now, I know what you are thinking, a cheese pizza is just a cheese pizza. But this was hands down one of the best pizzas I have ever had! Wood fired in their oven, the pizza is the perfect size to share. I have no idea what they put on it to make it that good, but I am craving it!

Lastly (and an important detail to note), the waiters are all really attractive…like greek god attractive.

Go to Serratto, I promise you will love it as much as these boys did (don’t they look…heavenly?!)


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