Hey Portland, don’t miss Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO!

My mind is officially blown! Steven and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil’s show OVO on Saturday and I cannot stop talking about this show!

I’m pretty sure my new life goal is to be in one of these shows… (a girl can dream, right?!)

If you live in Portland (and have some excess funds) you have to go see OVO!

pre-show reception

I have always wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil show, but it always seemed too expensive to go. They come to Portland every once and awhile, always with a new and exciting show and I have always envied everyone who has gone.

Luckily enough, I won two tickets to the show from my work as well as a pass to a swanky pre-show reception. Steven and I were definitely high-rollers that night!


my future job

I loved it so much that even just simple things seemed awesome to me. Just walking up to the tent (the “grand chapiteau”) is an experience. Set in the parking lot of the Portland Expo Center, it’s amazing to think that the giant yellow and blue swirled tent is temporary. It feels like almost like an illusion. Right away I saw a performer and knew I had to get a picture with her. Future co-workers right there!


This show has everything down to a beautiful artistic science, everything was flawless.

courtesy of Cirque Du Soliel

Cirque Du Soleil is known for their whimsy, and they definitely deliver it with OVO. OVO (which means egg in Portuguese) is about the wonderful world of insects. Each performer and performing groups matched a certain bug. You had twirling ants, acrobatic fleas, aerial flying scarabs and contortionist spiders. The tent is humid and smokey, which makes you feel like you have been transported into the jungle. The lights went dark and then the magic begins…

Each and every act was astounding. Poor Steven, I kept hitting his leg in excitement that I’m pretty sure he has bruise now. My favoritres include the scarabs on the swinging trapeze (I was so nervous, my palms were sweating) and the finale which included 20 performers who run, jump, and climb on a 26 foot wall (I can’t even explain how cool that was!).

courtesy of NataliePace.com

Even though it was one of the more simple performances, I really loved the ants. The six ants juggled oversized kiwi slices and corn with their feet in unison. And just to make it more fascinating (and to induce more “oh my gods” from me) they began juggling each other while continuing to juggle their over-size fruit. I loved how playful the act was and you could tell the performers were really enjoying the crowd’s feedback

The vibrancy of the lights, the costumes, and the ever-changing stage really added to each and every performance. The live music, which had Latin-inspired elements, is performed by The Cockroaches (haha, get it? Like The Beatles). It was all so engaging and so delightfully overwhelming that you couldn’t help but smile and dance along.

Before the show, there was no way I would spring $60+ for a ticket. But now, since having this wonderful experience, I know that it’s definitely worth it. From the spectacular performers to the costumes to the music to the grand chapiteau, Cirque Du Soleil transports you to a different world. And I promise it’s worth the price of admission…

I will be back Cirue Du Soleil, you have made me a fan! 


One thought on “Hey Portland, don’t miss Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO!

  1. “If you live in Portland (and have some excess funds) you have to go see OVO”

    you are so cute! if i were in portland (and had the excess funds), i would totally go. thanks for this wonderful review!

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