Product Review: Bic Bands

I have desperately looked for something to keep my pesky hair out of my face during runs. I mean, I love having bangs… but they suck while running.

Let me introduce to you Bic Bands

Sandy from Bic Bands gifted me two headbands to test out for review.


The headbands were originally designed by  Sandy, who is a runner. Each headband is handmade and Bic Bands gives $1 from each band sold to a new charity each month (I mean, how awesome is that?!)

Right off the bat, I knew I was going to love them. Sandy sent me a black band and a pink sparkly band. My eyes are always drawn to something that sparkles!

(Every soccer game, my mom was always more worried about my ponytail then my performance. I am now a firm believer in looking fab as you sweat.)


The great thing I found about Bic Bands is that they actually don’t move. Like seriously, I have never adjusted my Bic Band during a run.

The inner lining is made of a smooth velvet-like material that doesn’t budge. I sometimes forget that I’m even wearing one…The headband itself is soft and stretchy, which means no post-wearing headaches! It’s like heaven on my head.

courtesy of Bic Bands

And I’m not even going to lie, I have worn the black Bic Band to work. Wear it with a low bun and it looks really cute and professional.

After looking through the Bic Bands website, I found a ton of headbands to choose from! From thick, thin, minnie, sparkles, animal print to reflective, you can find any style you want. I now want the sparkle silver and sparkle red (hint, hint!)

They are functional and cute, perfect for every runner!

Check out Bic Bands and let me know what you think!


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