Hip, Hip…




I am an old woman with a bad hip!

It all started a week ago at the beach…

Steven and I went for a run (we ran opposite ways, couple running would not be beneficial for our love). I found my way to the beach and was enjoying a nice 3 mile run on the sand. I was basically auditioning for the Baywatch re-boot

I then, with all my glorious running power, stumbled in a small hole. No fall (thank god, the paparazzi were swarming Manazanita, Oregon), but I could tell my hip didn’t feel too wonderful. I made a stupid mistake and kept running.


After a horrible, painful half mile, I had Steven come pick my sorry butt up (and pizza!) from the beach. What a sad end to what was otherwise a beautiful run!

Since then I have been a hobbling little old woman. At the age of 22, I feel like I need a hip replacement.

As Erica so beautifully put “Oh my god, are you limping?!” Yes, yes I am. Which means I haven’t been able to run for a week now… and with the Hippie Chick run so soon, I am beginning to get nervous!

After consulting everyone, the internet, and now a phone nurse, it seems like I have strained a muscle in my hip flexor area. It’s painful everytime I walk and get up from a seated position… lame. I am icing and heating it like a mad woman and am making Steven carry me everywhere (not really, but a girl can dream right?!)

My hip needs to start getting better now! I am the most injury prone beginner runner ever!


2 thoughts on “Hip, Hip…

  1. I totally feel your pain (in the emotional sense)! When I started running I got the worst shin splints and now that those have gone away, I’ve been getting chronic knee pain! Gross darn bodies, not letting us do what we want. If you want to start a support group, I’m in.

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