Why I Write

I came to a realization around 11:10 a.m. today

It’s long and rambling, but it was a big realization.

The story starts way back with a few facts. In high school I wanted to be a journalist. In college I decided that I wanted to be a writer of any sort.

I have always loved to write.  I joined the newspaper, took writing courses, forced columnist and writer Steve Duin to take me under his wing. I love to write and I so desperately wanted to write for a career.

A friend once asked me why writing was my focus in college. After a long pause, I told her

“I love to tell people’s stories that would otherwise go unheard.”

The moment of clarity has always stuck with me. And today I brought that quote back into my life.

Today I went to interview a professor. It was supposed to be a typical interview for an upcoming newsletter. To me, it was just another day and another interview at work. Right when I stepped inside of his office, I was blown away by his liveliness. This professor was filled with such light and joy answering my questions for my story. What was just a typical story interview for me was actually the highlight of his day. Although his subject and projects have no particular interest to me, he was so excited to be the subject of an article. Each and every question he answered with enthusiasm and with passion.

You would see him walking across campus and never know his story or passion. He is a man who cares deeply for his subject and for the students he teaches. And I have the pleasure of telling his story. 

Although I am not a writer for The New York Times or Rolling Stone, I am a writer for the University of Portland. And I am telling people’s stories.    


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. i love this post! i feel the same way…writing is such a wonderful release and people who have a passion for it, can really let the world know how truly beautiful the lives of other people are….most of us go unnoticed throughout the day…when you think of all the people you pass on the street and how each one has such a different story and background, it is truly amazing! thanks for opening the door, no matter how small, so the world can see some of these people’s stories 🙂

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