Tales From A Beginner Spinner


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I took my first spin class two nights ago… (impressive/crazy I know!). Since then, I have been waddling around bow-legged and telling everyone my story. “Yes, I have survived hell now please carry me up the stairs…”

Spin class always seemed so unapproachable. I have heard horror stories, seen classes on tv. Basically it seemed like 45 minutes of pure and utter exercise torture…

And of course I wanted to try it! 

Initially I wanted something that would compliment running and yoga, that was a high intensity workout, and something that would kick my ass.

(note to self, be careful what you wish for!)

I walked into class and was literally scared out of my mind…

courtesy of Kesier.com

First off, those bikes are heavy and hard to move! I was struggling to fit through the door when the instructor came over to offer some advice (nothing says new girl in class like struggling to carry the equipment).

The instructor saw the look of terror in my eyes after I set my bike in the corner of the room (front and center is not my friend). She thankfully came over to help me.

She set me up with the proper height for my seat and handlebars (F – 3) and showed me how the resistance works. A minute later I was all ready to go! You have a lever which controls the amount of resistance on your bike. Basically the resistance lever is your best friend and worst enemy. During the class, we were constantly changing our resistance based on the interval we were working on.

For easy pace and recovery, your resistance is lower (yeah!). For a sprint up a hill, your resistance is higher (no!). You follow the instructor’s lead and away you go on an intense ride. 

What I really loved about the class is that you can cater it to your skill level. Only you are in control of your resistance and RPMs (repetitions per minute). There were so many different skill levels in my class, but it didn’t matter since I knew that I was in charge of my workout and speed. I’m not going to lie though, the girl beside me could give Lance Armstrong a run for his money, but that’s another story…

courtesy of Kesier.com

The class was really challenging and it really pushed me past my limit. Half way through I thought I wasn’t going to make it. There is no down time, you are working and working hard for 45 minutes straight. Once I got over that halfway bump, I was feeling energized and powerful enough to continue through!  I loved how full of energy the class was. The music fit each and every set we did. We would sprint during intense choruses, cool down to lighter music. Everything flowed seamlessly (much like the sweat dripping down my face the entire time)

Want to try it? Here are some hints for the beginner spinner…

  • Go to class early and have the instructor set your bike up for you
  • Bring a towel and water bottle. Trust me, you will need these!
  • Spin at your own pace. Resistance too high? Turn it down, no one will judge you
  • Stretch and spin before class to warm up your legs
  • Wear a moisture-wicking top & bottom. You will sweat like you are in a sauna

I’m definitely a convert to the spin class world. Now I just need my quads to stop burning!


5 thoughts on “Tales From A Beginner Spinner

  1. AMAZING!! Congrats on trying your first spin class!!! Keep going…the workout never gets less intense/easier but you get better and more comfortable! Its been less than 2 years since my first class and now im teaching!

  2. I LOVE the set-your-own-resistance aspect. I’m very good at appearing to crank it WAY up while actually just nudging it a couple of degrees. Spin class and acting class all in one! You go girl. Do you have a gym membership? Should we get matching outfits and go to classes together when I’m back? xx

  3. Gotta love the bow-legged walk! I have yet to make it through spin class without feeling like I’m going to pass out (I go about twice a year though, so that may have something to do with it!).

  4. Good job girl! Those classes get me too ugh! PS the vid from Bridesmaids gets me EVERY TIME! I laugh harder each time I see it haha! 🙂

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