Review: Nike+ is my best friend

If you know me, you know that I am a type A control freak.

I like to know everything about whatever is going on. I like control and I like consistency. And this is especially true with running.

I wanted something cheap and reliable that could calculate distances and my pace on my runs.

Of course there is an “app for that”

Introducing the Nike+ app!



I initially loved the idea of having the Nike+ ($1.99 from iTunes) for my iPhone because…

a )I’m always attached to my iPhone (typical me)

b) for safety running downtown (creeper alerts)

c) I like to listen to music (Jay-Z forever)

I now love it because it’s simple and it does everything.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started using the app. There’s no calibrating, there’s no unnecessary questions, there is no hardware required. And it’s not asking me to buy anything (trust me, Nike already gets a lot of my $).

Everything is perfectly streamlined. You can listen to music, record run times, and map out your routes yourself, with distances, elevations and average speeds. Voice alerts during your run give you stats like time, distance and pace, calories burned and a post-run report. There are also athlete voiceovers leaving you inspiring messages.

I mean, what more do you want from a $1.99 app?!

I especially enjoy the social media aspect of the app. You can sync your Nike+ to your Facebook and can choose to broadcast your run on your FB. There, if someone likes your Nike+ post during your run, you hear a crowd cheering. There’s nothing like getting a couple of those blasting in your headphones during your run.

Want a cheap, reliable, and engaging running app? Check out Nike+

I’m best friends with mine…


4 thoughts on “Review: Nike+ is my best friend

  1. This is a great app! I use it but be careful during races… when you are dodging people the first couple of miles it isn’t always accurate to the mile markers and that always messes with my mind!

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