Introducing… Croya

Croya caught on camera

You know when you just wake up and you just know you are going to have a bad day? 

I am definitely have one of those.

Everything seems a little off. It’s kind of like my today is buffering and I’m not going to get up to full speed

(side note: buffering is the bane of my existence, especially when I’m trying to watch one of my all-important reality shows)

It’s hard for me to snap out of these moods. I’m either really happy (Roya) or really…not happy (Croya)

Made by the delightful Dannica Hutton

Croya = Cranky Roya

And she’s dangerous. And today you better watch out…

Croya is feisty and quick to fight. She is also cries a lot (much like Roya), talks way too loud, and can get mad at anything and everything.

Steven has playfully been referring to Croya for the past two years. She always comes out unexpectedly and she hangs around for awhile. My family now refers to her, as do all my friends, as does my boss… it’s a “thing” now. People have even developed their own name for their angry selves modeled after Croya – Jamie is now Gramie (Grumpy Jamie) and my mom Tammy is Crammy (Cranky Tammy)

Does anyone else have this or am I bordering on multiple-personality disorder a’la United States of Tara?

And what name would you give your “not happy” personality? 


8 thoughts on “Introducing… Croya

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  2. Ha! When we were growing up, my sister and I would call our baby brother P.O. Joe (his middle name was Joseph) when he would get bratty with us. We also called him Crybaby Sam (His first name is Sam…) but it didn’t have the same ring!

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