Race Recap: Shamrock Run 5k

my "first day of school" pic pre-run

Well ladies and gentlemen, I did it!

On October 27, I made the fateful decision to sign up for the Shamrock Run 5k.

And yesterday, I owned those 3.1 miles!!

My goal was to run the entire race and to be under 35 minutes. My time – 33:16! 

It was one of the most scary & thrilling things I have been a part of. And it just goes to show that you can accomplish anything. Four months ago, I thought running was impossible. But somehow through determination and training, I kicked some 5k butt!

I woke up Sunday morning super nervous (and thankfully not hungover!). Steven and my dad came to the race to support me and trust me, I loved having my cheerleaders! I was able to spot my dad at the starting line, which totally gave me the confidence boost to go out there and rock it!

A sea of green!

The 5k race was super crowded. About 9,069 runners finished the 5k with an average time of 36:54. I started in the back of the pack and soon found myself weaving between slower runners/walkers (super annoying, new pet peeve.) It was stressful, but by the time I got to the turn around to mile 1 by Union Station, I picked a nice pace and was clear of any traffic.

Running beer

The race was going by so fast! I was loving everyone’s costumes (I am now determined to get a tutu for my next fun run!) I also loved the course, which took you all through downtown. Things got a little tough once we hit Broadway. I wasn’t aware of this, but going south on Broadway is a little hill. Thanks hill for ruining my special love moment with the course! I kept going, but my legs were beginning to burn and my pace slowed. A spectator saw me and pointed straight at me and yelled “You! You can do it!” Thanks man in the white hat, you rock!

courtesy of my amazing boyfriend!

I turned the corner from the killer hill and there were Steven and my dad cheering me on! What a great way to finish the last little leg of the race! I started strong and I finished strong and that’s all I could have asked for. I saw Bridget at the finish line and we literally jumped into each other’s arms. Epic moment! I then saw my cheerleaders at the finish, rooting me on.

Afterwards, I grabbed my finisher’s beer and enjoyed my small moment of glory. I then realized I was starving (a 5k can do that to you), so we went with a couple friends to brunch. Between a mimosa, great friends, and a stack of pancakes, I felt like I was the Queen of the Shamrock Run.

Thanks to everyone for their support! After the race, I looked at my phone and had so many text messages and calls from my wonderful family and friends asking me about the race! It’s great to know I had all of you cheering for me!

Now on to the next one… the Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon on May 12!

2012 Shamrock Run 5k stats:



9 thoughts on “Race Recap: Shamrock Run 5k

  1. Way to crush that goal! It sounds like you had a lot of fun, and more importantly you now share my pet peeve: weaving in and out of the crowd. HA! Congratulations on a race well run and here’s to a successful Hippie Chick in May!

  2. Congrats!!! I had the opposite problem… I started wayyy back in the pack because I knew I was going to start really slow and then out of nowhere came all these fast runners. The cranky part of me wanted to trip them 🙂

    So glad that you had fun!!!

  3. Girl, I cannot believe I haven’t told you this yet, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you for doing this. You kick SO MUCH ASS.

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