The wondrous world of the Google search

First off, I love love love having people visit my blog! But I also have a fascination of finding out how they got here. It’s a strange sort of curiosity that all bloggers have, I am not ashamed to admit that it is a fun little game! From my blog dashboard (doesn’t that sound exciting?!) I can see the search terms readers use to find my blog.

At first I didn’t think it would be that cool. I of course have the usual search terms that you would expect…. “Roya Ghorbani” and “Life of Roya.”

And with the popularity of my Freshly Pressed Mad Men post, I have a lot of searches about Mad Men. “picture of attractive man 1960” “men from the 1960” “Mad Men Secretary.”

But some of these search terms for “Life of Roya” are just…strange! They are so random and hilarious and are just too good not to share! I kind of just want to meet these people, I hope they eventually found what they were looking for. As long as Google keeps driving traffic to my site, I don’t care what they are searching for! Thanks Google!

Here’s a peek of how some readers found my blog…

ghorbani mozzarella

happy people pictures from iran

front restaurant window

yoga is awesome

röya fan kulb

twilight breaking down smile

babe tehran

california drinking 1970

ray ghorbani

the book name roya…

fat kids eating iranian food

iran trip friendly

frozen yogurt business cards

starbucks red cups 2011

And my all time favorite…

y did u lied to girl love pictures


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