Bye Shin Splints — Hello Portland Running Company!

My new Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 shoes!

Dear shin splints, I think I am breaking up with you. You have the Portland Running Company to thank for that.

After much encouragement and an awesome recommendation from Amy, I went to the Portland Running Company this weekend for some new shoes. And trust me, I was in desperate need!

The pairs that I have been running in were just not cutting it. One pair I had gotten years and years ago, were just worn down and offered me little to no support. My other pair, which I had just gotten, were shin killers. I love my Nike Lunar Eclipses, but they now will just be “Roya wants to look sporty while she runs errands” shoes.

courtesy of Calvins Hub

I got there and was immediately helped by Shauna, who turned out to be a huge lifesaver! She measured my foot and immediately put me in a pair of basic, no frills shoes. And then she watched me run! After a couple laps back and forth on the sidewalk, Shauna was able to see that my foot and ankle overpronate which is the “excessive inward rolling (pronation) of the foot during its foot-strike and often creates alignment problems within the legs.”

Overpronation = shin splints = unhappy runs

After discovering my running gait, Shauna grabbed four different pairs for me to try on, all which provided adequate support for my running style. The wonderful part is that Portland Running Company let’s you take the shoes for a ride. I was able to run a couple blocks in each pair of shoes, to test drive the feel and comfort. After every run, she was there, bottle of water in hand, asking me about what I liked/disliked.

From there, we were able to pair down my perfect choices. I absolutely fell in love with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8. Not only do they look completely bad ass (as a Portland Pilot, I can never say no to purple!), but they are so comfortable. I literally felt like I was gliding during my couple runs around the block. I am super excited for my first real run with them tonight!

All in all, I couldn’t have been happier with my new shoes and my experience at Portland Running Company. Every employee working seemed to really be invested in their client, working with them to find the perfect shoe.

If you are going to a running store to find shoes be sure to…

  • wear running attire, you need to test run your shoes
  • wear the socks you usually wear on your runs
  • bring your old running shoes, so they can look at the wear pattern and what you are accustomed to
  • budget at least $100 for a great pair of running shoes
  • carve out some time, the process can be a long one
  • keep an open mind. I’m a Nike girl, but the Mizunos were perfect for me



4 thoughts on “Bye Shin Splints — Hello Portland Running Company!

  1. I’ve been a runner since I was in middle school and have had issues with underpronation since I injured my ankles in the ninth grade. I will say it’s definitely not an enjoyable experience. Have you had to use ankle braces? I personally have found that Mizuno and Adidas provide me the most support when I run, though I still have to wear a brace regardless.

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