With a little help from my “DailyMile” friends

Runners are epic. True!

Running communities are super tight-knit. True!

You can join one right now. True!

When I started running in October, I was looking to get some more running advice (I didn’t want to tire my running mentors Amy and Bridget out with my useless questions!).

I had heard of this social networking site called DailyMile, which allows for runners to post their workouts and interact with one another through challenges and comments. It’s basically a runner’s social media paradise.

If you are a runner, you need to join!

Before I knew it, I had 30 new friends on DailyMile! I am connected to runners who run marathons and to those who occasionally run during the week. Some are logging 30+ miles a week, while others like me are just starting to ramp up our mileage. It’s wonderful to see the diversity of the DailyMile community as well as to see how supportive they are of one another.

These people are truly amazing. It’s an inspiration to hear their advice as well as to see the runs and workouts they are doing. And one of my favorite parts? The community is really supportive. They give advice, send encouragement and congratulations based on your runs and posts! 

I had a great run on Sunday with my longest mileage yet. My DailyMile runners, who are complete strangers to me, commented on my run with encouraging words and congratulations (see above.) And to be honest, it meant so much to me!

So my advice? If you are a runner, or want to become one, join DailyMile! It’s a great place to log your mileage and your workouts. But more importantly, the runners at DailyMile are a super supportive, tight-knit community, who are willing and ready to let anyone join the club!


One thought on “With a little help from my “DailyMile” friends

  1. Thanks for thr tips; I’m going to have to check out that website. I have found a lot of luck with sites like, MEETUP.COM. to connect with like-minded people as well. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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