Year in Review: 2011

Because you can’t look forward without looking back!

My personal 2011 highlights

  • Celebrated the new year, with best friends of new and old
  • Visited Miss Karen Vance in her city of Chicago
  • Job interviews galore!
  • Started blogging at UP in Theater
  • Timbers and Blazer games galore!
  • Started cooking
  • Last ever Rocky Horror party at The Cottage
  • Successfully presented my senior capstone – Bloggers and their First Amendment Rights
  • Graduated from University of Portland!!!
  • Turned 22 with a fabulous surprise party from Steven and my best friends
  • Started my UP and Prichard Communications internships
  • Moved out of The Cottage
  • Moved into my swanky, downtown apartment
  • Celebrated one year with Steven Quirk with a Seattle trip!
  • Saw Pete Yorn and Counting Crows in concert
  • Started Life of Roya
  • Traveled to Isfahan and Tehran, Iran to visit our family
  • Started running – signed up for two races
  • Got a real-life job at the University of Portland!
2011 was pretty damn great! Let’s do this 2012!

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