Dear Lisa Rudgers… (the perfect self-marketing campaign)

I usually don’t blog more than once a day, but what I just stumbled upon is truly incredible.

As a Communication Studies graduate, I learned a lot about creating your own brand. And having your own indistinguishable voice. Those two aspects set you apart from all others and will help you land your perfect job.

Meet Lindsay Blackwell. She started in hopes of landing the University of Michigan Social Media Director. The target of the campaign is Lisa Rudgers, the school official who will ultimately make the hiring decision. If this doesn’t catch her attention, I don’t know what will…

Lindsay is a 2010 graduate, a millennial, a true new media marketer. She started her own campaign, one that has garnered more than 15,000 visits, to land a job.

This is the power of social media.

I am so impressed by her creativity and the thoughtfulness behind this campaign. I am in awe of Lindsay Blackwell and from one recent graduate to another, I wish her the best of luck!


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