Portland Timbers unveil 3rd kit for 2012 (and I hate it!)

courtesy of portlandtimbers.com

I love my Portland Timbers. But these new throwback kits are seriously ugly

The official third uniform design for the 2012 season was meant for “the past to complement the present…” but for some reason it all looks wrong to me. I totally get reaching into past, the Timbers have a great history in the Rose City.

But a collar on a jersey? Stripes on the hem of the sleeves? How very…vintage…of you Addidas.

I think I mostly dislike the retro 1970s-era Alaska Airlines font…it’s just so…bold Helvetica. Thanks, but I will pass. 

What I love about them? They are made from 100% recycled materials and were designed and developed right here in Portland. That’s pretty awesome right there. And I like the throwback scarf.

I get the throwback look, we just don’t have to go ALL the way back to pay homage to our history.

The kit and a speciality scarf are on sale now at the Timbers Store for $175. The set includes the jersey, the scarf, and a collectible, historic photo collage of the Timbers. Hurry, there are only 2,012 limited-edition gift sets!

Ugly kits or not, RCTID baby!


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