The holidays are HERE!

My Christmas-ed apartment

The holidays are officially here and I couldn’t be more excited!

My last couple days have been epic in terms of the holidays. Here’s a breakdown of my last couple holiday-filled days.

Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner with Steven’s entire family! Then a trip to visit my family (where of course we had another dinner!)

Friday: Portland Holiday Parade with Steven. Then a date with miss Chicago herself Karen Vance!

Saturday: Steven and I made our own little Thanksgiving! And it was in fact super delicious!

Sunday: Iranian Thanksgiving dinner with my family! Then we decorated my apartment and little “Charlie the Christmas tree.”

Tons of food, tons of laughter, and tons of Christmas music! I feel bad for Kian…Steven gave me about 60 new Christmas songs and I have been playing them non-stop in the apartment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

whose that handsome man on the left?!

Also! If you are looking for an awesome, Christmas-y thing to do, check out The Grotto Festival of Lights. It’s absolutely gorgeous and Steven’s quartet is singing Christmas carols there every Monday!


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