My name is Roya and I am a Twilight fan…

I was debating if I should preface this post with a very serious “don’t judge me, remember my charming smile and sunny disposition…” remark.

I saw “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” last night with Bridgette (a fellow closeted Twilight fan).  I have read all of books seen, seen all of the movies.

And I love Twilight. 

I can never tell if I should be embarrassed about this or if I should just own up to it.

So I will publicly admit, I drank the Twilight Kool-Aid.

I should also admit that I have read many feminist articles blasting the messages in the Twilight series. And for the most part, the feminist in me agrees with many of the points presented. But damn it Stephanie Meyer, you got me…and you got me good.

I have had a lot of friends question my taste level. Yes, the books aren’t literary works of art. And the movies are really bad. So why do I love Twilight?

Twilight was the perfect thing at the perfect time. 

When the movie came out in November 2008, I was going through a painful break-up (hello college romance gone bad). My best friend Karen and I went to a showing one random night, mostly just to check what all this hype about vampires was about.

We were done for by the time the credits started rolling.

I came home, stole the books from my little sister (sorry Kara!), and read the four book series within a week. All I could talk about through winter break (and let’s be honest, my entire sophomore year) was Twilight.

It was the perfect storm. A 19 year old, facing adolescent heartbreak and confusion. I was basically the demographic that Stephanie Meyer was trying to hit. I lost myself in that series during that time. I was never one to get into fantasy/sci-fi story lines, but a love triangle a human, vampire, and werewolf totally captivated me.

For your sanity and my own, I won’t list the 526 reasons why I love the series. But knowing that I am a sucker for romance can answer a lot of your questions.

Looking back, Twilight in some ways reminds me of the 19-year-old version of myself. It’s a scrapbook of that time in my life. The characters, the setting, the music, the romance. I remember sitting with the Kenna Hall girls discussing the books and movies, decorating dorm rooms with posters, and attending midnight premieres. It all transports me back to four years ago.

And no matter how old I am or how much my life has changed, I will continue to love Twilight. It’s a small part of me that I don’t think will ever go away because it reminds me of how far I have come.

Some people have Harry Potter. Some have Star Wars.

I have Twilight. 

(Breaking Dawn: Part 1 confession – I cried about 3.2 times during the movie. The wedding scene totally got me…)


3 thoughts on “My name is Roya and I am a Twilight fan…

  1. I won’t judge. I am a semi-closeted Jersey Shore fan. 🙂 I say semi because I think I’ve mentioned in my blog that I like Jersey Shore. lol.

  2. Hey, I drank the Twilight Kool-aid too! Don’t be embarrassed Stephanie Meyers is a great author, it’s not her fault they effed up the movies, don’t get me wrong I still go watch them and they are getting better….. Have you read The Host? I think it is even better than Twilight!

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