Goodbye Couch, Hello 5k!

I have made a big decision!

Well, a big decision for me…

In March, I am going to run the Shamrock Run 5k race. 

All you runners/athletes are probably laughing at my announcement. But for someone who hasn’t run in YEARS, 3.1 miles is terrifying. And for someone who prefers going to happy hour instead of the gym after work, this is going to be a hard (but good) change!

It’s funny to think back to the days when I was a runner. In high school I played competitive soccer, was on the swim team, ran track (ha! this cracks me up), and rowed on a crew team.

Between those four sports, that’s a lot of running! (If I did it before, I can do it again.)

Enter college and my running shoes went into hiding. But this week I have dusted them off, hit my running stride, and have started to train. And I am going to whip myself into shape!

I am using the handy Couch to 5k iPhone app to help me with the first nine weeks of running. For anyone who wants to join me (hint, hint!) it’s a fun app that is all about interval training. I love it, but ask me again in 9 weeks, and I might not love it as much.

Big thanks to Amy and Bridget, my wonderful co-workers at UP, who are my running mentors and have inspired me to become a fierce and fit ‘young professional.’


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Couch, Hello 5k!

  1. Woooo!!!!! I’ve started running too! I now run 3 miles daily and I’m training for a marathon! If I move back to Portland we can be running buddies. I’m seriously really excited for you, running is such a rewarding hobby. It’s really satisfying running that extra mile and remembering when you couldn’t even run ONE mile before!

  2. You can do it!! And since you announced it to the blogosphere, we’ll keep you accountable. 😉 I’m a die-hard soccer mom, played as a kid too, and 2 of my children also do swim team. All these things in common. Good luck on your journey. You have plenty of time to be ready and wear your new 5K shirt proudly!

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