PDX Fab Find: Urban Waxx

courtesy of Urban Waxx

You know when you find a fabulous business and you just want to tell everyone about it?

That’s how I feel about the fabulous Urban Waxx

Urban Waxx is a full-service waxing salon with two locations, one in NW and in Tanasbourne. They are a Portland-based salon and their motto “The best wax you’ll ever have. Seriously.” really says it all.

Urban Waxx rocks, I can’t even say that enough.

Being Iranian, I am prone to the not-so-glamorous unruly eyebrows, unfortunate upper-lip hair. Yes, I just admitted that and I will not be ashamed! I have been waxing since I was about 10 (trust me, I needed it)I would like to consider myself a waxing expert, but really I only had my waxing experience in the back of a nail salon in West Linn. Although they always got the job done, I never knew what a REAL waxing experience was like until Urban Waxx.

First off, you can book your appointments online. It’s a handy feature and a super important once since Urban Waxx and the wonderful estheticians are booked way in advance (which is always a good sign for a great establishment!).

courtesy of Urban Waxx

My first appointment I walked into the NW location and was greeted with such a calming ambiance. The waiting area is an open area decorated with art from a local artist and there are plenty of magazines and snacks provided while you wait. But hold on, it gets better! They also offer you a glass of wine. Wine before waxing? I can’t think of a better way to wait! There are also mimosas on Sunday!

Can you say ‘super fabulous?’

The first time I booked online, I was randomly paired with Beth. And I am so happy I was! Beth is a brow guru who really knows what she’s doing. From the moment we met, I felt like we had been longtime friends. We are just chatting away during the appointment and then before I know it, I have beautiful, arched eyebrows! 

I highly, highly recommend Beth, I absolutely adore her!

What I really love about Urban Waxx is the fun atmosphere in the salon. They are super knowledgeable about waxing and skin care, and are really able to make you feel comfortable during what could be super awkward situations.

If you live in Portland and get waxed, go to Urban Waxx. I promise it will be worth it. Need more encouragement? Go to Yelp!, it seems like everyone is in love with Urban Waxx!


2 thoughts on “PDX Fab Find: Urban Waxx

  1. My husband is sooooo hairy! I keep trying to get him to agree to have some minor work on his eyebrows, but he feels a little disempowered by that suggestion. We predict our first child will come straight out of the womb with a full head of hair, if not a sweater vest!! ew! 🙂

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