Fall days, “Chili” nights

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous. From the chilled air to the falling leaves, Portland knows how to do Fall right!

This past Saturday, Steven and I decided to celebrate by having a “Fall Date.” Everything we did Saturday, from the food to the activities, had a Fall theme to it.

Although completely corny (I am not afraid to admit it!), we had such a wonderful time! I highly suggest it to couples who are looking to have a unique and fun date.

Our masterpieces!

I feel like we were able to pack it all into one day! From a wonderful breakfast in the Park Blocks under the falling leaves to the always delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I swear I could have them year round!) We went to Baggenstos Farm where we did a corn maze, went on hay rides, and scoured the patch for our perfect pumpkins! The farm, located in Sherwood, was super adorable and has tons of activities to do for both kids and adults. Later, Steven surprised me with a pumpkin craving kit, scary movies, and Margaritas! (ok, our one departure from our fall-theme, but still my favorite drink!)


Aunt Donna's Chili

For dinner that night, I wanted to make chili. Nothing seems more perfect than a bowl of chili on a cool, Fall evening. 

Steven’s Aunt Donna is literally the best home-cook in Oregon and lucky for all us aspiring cooks, she has a blog filled with recipes and tips! Sloppy Jo’s is now a one-stop blog for me and her famous chili recipe is fantastic and super, super easy! It was the perfect dinner to make to end our “Fall Date!”


We have now decided to implement “season dates.” Have any suggestions for a “Winter Date?” Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Fall days, “Chili” nights

  1. What a fun day you both had and thank you for the wonderful mention! Hopefully I can keep posting some yummy recipes for you to try!!! And by the way..not corny at all…Love it!!

    A fun winter date I think would be to drive up to Mt. Hood and play in the snow, there’s great antique shops on the way there. You use to be able to ride the lifts even if you didn’t ski, not sure if you can still do that, but there’s always the bar for a hot coffee drink!!!

  2. A winter date for us in the southwest is more like heading into the desert for some beautiful sunsets. Not may corn mazes or hay rides or leaves turning out here. But fantastically beautiful weather!

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