The NBA lockout saga

courtesy of the LA Times

I (just like every NBA and Portland Trailblazer fan) have been following the NBA lockout closely. Every meeting, every press release, and every player tweet I have followed with intense scrutiny, but also intense optimism. Now, I am done with it all.

(I should disclose now that I am a relatively new Blazer fan, so take this post with a grain of salt. Kian is the resident NBA expert of the G-E family. But I have enjoyed going to games, following the players, and cheering for the Blazers for about two years. I am a fan, but it no means a NBA guru.)

The NBA lockout is really beginning to piss me off. At first I was optimistic that both sides could negotiate so that games could be played. But ladies and gentleman, I have lost my optimism. 

With the mediation ending in a giant mess yesterday, I have lost all respect for the NBA and NBPA. This is getting ridiculous and everyone is losing in this now tangled process. From a PR perspective, this is a disaster. The all-mighty mediator, who was sent in at a last-ditch effort to salvage the season and the league, said last night “No useful purpose would be served by requesting the parties to continue the mediation process at this time.”

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The federal mediation has seemingly made the labor negotiations worse as both sides are as far apart as ever. Press conferences that begin with “I want to make it clear that you guys were lied to earlier…” do not bode well for a potential season. The fact that both sides can’t agree on who broke the talks off shows that there is no end in sight of this giant debacle.

Well, this sucks. 

From all the press coverage to the media silence from both sides, I was again optimistic that something good could come from all this hype. But now more games are going to be cancelled and no new talks have been scheduled between the NBA and NBPA.

We are now back to contentious press conferences and the annoying and over used #letusplay hashtag.

From my lowly perspective, the owners are looking like jerks and the players are looking like children. No one is winning the war and the fans and stadium employees are ultimately the casualties.

So the mediation came and went. Now both sides are unhappy, upset, and completely divided. According to  San Antonio Spurs owner and labor relations committee chair Peter Holt “We’ve kind of worn each other out.”

Well, you guys have worn me out too. 


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