brb, I’m traveling to Iran

Yes my dear friends, I am headed to the wonderful and glorious Tehran, Iran to visit family!

I am excited/anxious/ready/unprepared/thrilled for my upcoming adventure. We are seeing my dad’s entire side of the family in Tehran, as well as doing a site-seeing excursion in Isfahan, Iran.

I am extremely lucky to be able to experience my culture up close and personal. The sites and sounds of Tehran are truly spectacular, and it’s going to be great to experience it all with my family. This will be my second trip to Iran. I was lucky to be able to go with my dad and brother in the summer of 2006. Some highlights from that trip…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Iran is the fourth largest country of bloggers? Not only am I going to visit my cultural roots, but maybe I can talk to a blogger or two over there!

I will have Internet over there, but I probably won’t be blogging. Feel free to send some love my way via e-mail or Facebook!

“Ba’adan mibinamet   بعدأ میبینمت” — See you later!


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