The few, the proud, the “Freshly Pressed”

I won the blog lottery!

As many of you know (or have heard me tweet/talk/text/Facebook), my post “I love Mad Men…and why you should too” was chosen as a Word Press “Freshly Pressed” blog for yesterday.

“Freshly Pressed” is a section on the Word Press website where the site chooses ten blogs to “represent how Word Press can be used to entertain, enlighten, or inspire.” So basically, someone from Word Press (aka my new best friend) decided that “Life of Roya” would be one of ten blogs that would be featured on the site all day yesterday and this morning.

The heading for yesterday’s Freshly Pressed section was… “The best of 348,190 bloggers, 765,526 new posts, 444,643 comments, & 311,836,067 words posted today on” And my little Mad Men post was deemed as one of the best?!

All I can say is…“You like me! You really like me!”

Watching the comments and blog hits was way too exciting. This experience was a totally a blogger’s adrenaline rush.

My blog’s stats are completely off the charts since being featured on “FP” and they are continuing to grow and grow! Just to show you about the power of “going viral,” here are my up-to-date stats…

“Life of Roya”                                    Before “FP”                            After “FP”

For all-time blog hits:                        662 hits                                   4,786 hits

For record daily blog hits:                40 hits                                     4,124 hits

For blog comments:                         8 comments                            116 comments

For blog post “likes”:                       0 likes                                      91 likes

For blog subscribers:                      4 subscribers                          30 subscribers

Basically I have to say…

Thank you to Word Press, everyone who read my blog yesterday, new subscribers, and my family/friends/boyfriend/co-workers who have listened to me talk and talk about my blog.

What an awesome (and completely random) experience to have as a young blogger!


4 thoughts on “The few, the proud, the “Freshly Pressed”

  1. I’m assuming your post is still on the front page or second which is great too. So, be sure to update this post with more up to date goodness. I don’t want to be Freshly Pressed just yet. I want to have other quality posts before so readers will like more than one post. I even have drafts that I know is possible of being featured. Congrats! This is my first time reading someone providing their stats. Amazing! I wonder can you be featured more than once …

  2. lol…congratulations. I enjoyed your Mad Men post. I sent it to a friend and she loved it. We are both huge Mad Men fans. 🙂 The theme song is my ringtone on my phone.

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